hawaiian barbeque

If you have never tried Hawaiian barbequed chicken then this recipe is a bit different but has that distinct tropical feel to it. It features a lovely exotic glaze that we both marinate and then render into a basting sauce to finish it off for a sweet and sticky glazed chicken that has that tropical feel. Barbeque is a big part of Hawaiian cuisine and this recipe brings all the things that make it so special into a simple grilled chicken dish that will have all your friends and family thinking you are some sort of culinary genius.

Now a bit of a quick word about safety as we use the marinade for a basting sauce do follow the directions and make sure you boil it for five minutes to kill of an cross contamination from the raw chicken this goes for anytime you want to use the marinade of anything to also baste the meat. It is perfectly fine if you remember that vital step to kill of any bacteria. Now with that said it is a nice way to keep a consistent flavor profile in the dish by using the marinade this way as long as you heed the word of caution.

Some helpful hints on grilling chicken there are a few tricks that can make your next grilled chicken outing a more pleasant experience. One technique to help do chicken is to bake it until mostly done and then just finish it off on the grill to get that nice smoky flavor. One of the issues most people have with chicken is it needs to cook for a long time and it usually gets burnt in the process. To help avoid this above is one way another is to keep the heat lower and cook it for a longer time (don’t rush it) also boneless chicken cooks quicker then bone in chicken so this can also help avoid issues. Another tip is use indirect heat so the chicken avoids the flare ups that are so common place and tend to lead to blackening the chicken from it catching on fire. Continue reading

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Christine Szalay-Kudra

My name is Christine and I am delighted to welcome you here. Easy Barbeque Recipes aims to demystify the world of barbequing and turn anyone into a brilliant backyard chef regardless of culinary knowledge or past cooking experience. Cooking with fire is not only an easy cooking method but it is the original cooking method. An open fire was used to cook before there were such things as ovens, microwaves or crockpots. Barbequing is not just a cooking method either. It is a social event. Inviting friends over and grilling food for them is always fun and adding home-cooked food to any party is a surefire way to please a crowd. Nothing beats the incredible flavor of flame-grilled food, and you can barbeque all kinds of ingredients and recipes, including meat, poultry, fish, seafood, veggies, and even pizza.


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