classic barbeque coleslaw without mayonnaise

Although I don’t talk about it often or generally make recipes specifically with it in mind my husband has been a diabetic for almost two years and has had some really scary stuff he had to go through due to this. One of the things he had to do is learn his trigger foods and cut these out of his diet which he did. One of the things we have done as a couple is educate ourselves on what option are out there and make adjustments to the way we cook certain things. For example grains are a bad one for him and many diabetic so he simple cut them mostly out we switched the family over to sourdough bread so he still gets some.

Another thing we found was the natural sweetener agave nectar made from the plant they make tequila out of (no alcohol involved here) but it is a wonderful blend and taste wise kind of like honey meets white sugar it is great in almost everything (he hates it in coffee) but he has mainly switched to tea so no issue there. So when I set out to do this coleslaw recipe I wanted to make one he could enjoy with barbeque which we all love and I didn’t want to use sugar of course or mayo as these are not great so I took and came up with the following recipe that use agave and no mayo.

I also purposely kept out the carrots which can sometimes have a bit too much sugar in them so I went with a strait cabbaged based slaw and the dressing is kind of a sweet and sour kind of taste. I used white wine vinegar which has a bit more depth and smoother then some of the other vinegars because what is slaw without the acid part of the dressing. Now a word I am not a nutritionist so if in doubt ask yours before taking my word but I am pretty sure your diabetic friend should be fine with this. It is the perfect dish to serve as a side dish at any barbeque and would be really great with a pulled pork sandwich. Continue reading

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Christine Szalay-Kudra

My name is Christine and I am delighted to welcome you here. Easy Barbeque Recipes aims to demystify the world of barbequing and turn anyone into a brilliant backyard chef regardless of culinary knowledge or past cooking experience. Cooking with fire is not only an easy cooking method but it is the original cooking method. An open fire was used to cook before there were such things as ovens, microwaves or crockpots. Barbequing is not just a cooking method either. It is a social event. Inviting friends over and grilling food for them is always fun and adding home-cooked food to any party is a surefire way to please a crowd. Nothing beats the incredible flavor of flame-grilled food, and you can barbeque all kinds of ingredients and recipes, including meat, poultry, fish, seafood, veggies, and even pizza.


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