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Seems to me if I am going to have a site on grilling and more importantly barbequing that means one key ingredient is needed – a sauce of our own. I recently did some research as I wanted to know what people thought was the best sauce and I visited a bunch of place to find varying opinions but one of the things I did see come up quite often was people seem to love Kansas City style barbeque sauce and so I set out to come up with one that did this favorite justice. The result is below and I think it will meld all the things together that we seem to love in a great BBQ sauce. One it has to have an underlying sweetness that is there to balance the other many thing people seem to love in a great BBQ sauce and that is a bold bit of bite or tang to it something that is a mix of both acid and heat.

The following sauce has both these elements in it in what I think is a very nice balance the heat comes to it in a few ways so it is not just one dimensional it has kind of layers of heat if you would from the Hungarian paprika, the English style mustard, the chipotle which also gives it a bit of smokiness, black pepper, and the red pepper flakes. While these all help deliver the heat the sweetness comes in the form of the brown sugar, blackstrap molasses and the ketchup.

So I know when you are looking at this recipe the first thing is oh my gosh look at all that goes into this ingredient wise but all the different things are important to keep the balance and it at first may seem intimidating but it is supper simple to put together really just whisking everything together in the sauce pan and add the bay leave then let it simmer and fill the house with a lovely aroma that will put you in the mood for a cookout. That is probably one of the biggest reasons other then the lack of chemicals to make your own it will fill the whole house with a wonderful barbeque smell before you ever even spark up the grill. Continue reading

There is nothing difficult about making your own barbeque sauce from scratch, as the following recipe shows. This is so easy to do. All you need to do is combine your ingredients in a pan and bring the mixture to a boil. Stir it frequently and once it reaches a boil, the ingredients will be well combined and the flavors will have melded together. You can then allow it to cool and add some salt to taste. That is how simple it is to make your own barbeque sauce recipe from scratch in just a few minutes. The following recipe makes about 1½ cups of this tasty barbeque sauce but why not make more than you think you need, because you will definitely use it. This sauce goes with all kinds of meats or poultry, and it keeps in the refrigerator for up to a week.

You will notice there are quite a few ingredients in this recipe and that might surprise you, especially if you have tried any 2-ingredient or 3-ingredient barbeque sauce recipes. However, all the ingredients are easy to find (you will probably already have most of them to hand) and this clever concoction of flavors ensures a well-balanced, well-rounded barbeque sauce, which offers a better, fresher flavor than anything you could get out of a bottle. Whether you are planning to serve this with pork chops, steak, kabobs, chicken breasts, or burgers, there is no doubt everyone is going to love your homemade barbeque sauce recipe. It is going to be very popular indeed and, as the cook, so are you!

A Sticky Sweet Treat

Some barbeque sauce recipes are more savory than sweet while others might be spicy or just downright unusual, but this one is pretty typical of what you would expect from such a sauce. The molasses adds a rich, earthy, sweet flavor which is backed up by the brown sugar, ketchup, and apricot preserves (which also add fruitiness). Then you have cloves, allspice, apple cider vinegar, and garlic for distinctive accents, along with black pepper, mustard, hot sauce, and chili powder to add heat. Take all those flavors and combine them, and you can imagine how delicious and nicely rounded the finished sauce is going to be. It is neither too sweet nor too savory, nor too hot or too mild, but a fitting combination of all these factors, ensuring it goes beautifully with whatever barbequed food you are planning to serve with it. Continue reading

Barbeque sauce, which can also be spelt barbecue or BBQ sauce, is well-known and well-loved all over the country. In fact barbeque sauce is found in many countries in various forms. You can use it as a condiment, topping, basting agent or marinade for barbequed meat and other dishes. It is believed this sauce dates back at least a few hundred years, and one variety – South Carolina mustard sauce – can be traced all the way back to German settlers in the 1700s.

Barbeque sauce ingredients vary widely, as can the consistency, color and flavor of the barbeque sauce. Some kind of tomato or vinegar base is nearly always used, spices like pepper and mustard are common, and sweeteners and/or liquid smoke are frequently used to flavor it. Barbeque sauce is widely available from just about every grocery store, and it is also possible to make it at home so you can control the consistency, tartness, sweetness, and heat levels.

Different regions have their own barbeque sauce recipes. You will find tomato-based sauces in the North and mustard and vinegar-based ones in the South. Ketchup is a popular base for barbeque sauce in Asia while chimichurri in South America is a parsley-based sauce served with barbequed food. Tomato and Worcestershire sauce are combined to make Australia’s take on barbeque sauce, and Brazilian cooks combine vinegar, tomato, onion, olive oil, and parsley to make theirs. It is fair to say the United States has more variations on barbeque sauce than any other country, ranging from watery to thick, sweet to tart, mild to extra-spicy, and yellow, orange or red to very dark brown. Continue reading

A Guide to Barbecue Sauce Varieties

A good barbecue sauce is a vital ingredient for every backyard chef and you can use it for marinating, basting, or dipping. There are different kinds of barbecue sauces. Some are sweet and others are piquant.

Barbecue sauce goes nicely with grilled vegetables. If you were wondering how to liven up a recipe for outdoor grilled vegetables, perhaps a barbecue sauce might be the perfect accompaniment. Do not worry about the smoky barbecue flavor overpowering the flavor of your grilled vegetables recipes because, when used with the right kinds of grilled vegetables, barbecue sauce really does go nicely and bring out the vegetable flavors.

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How to Make Barbecue Sauce

Also known as barbeque sauce or BBQ sauce, this delicious condiment can be used for basting, topping, marinating or serving with your choice of meat, poultry, fish or vegetables. This sauce is usually made with tomato paste or vinegar, as well as spices like black pepper and mustard, and sweeteners like molasses or sugar. Liquid smoke might also feature.

The recipes vary widely, which is why we offer you various barbeque sauce recipes to try. Some people like their barbecue sauce very sweet while others prefer a spicy kick or extra-smoky.

Because commercial BBQ sauces tend to contain a lot of sugar and/or chemicals, making your own is preferable. This sauce is very easy to make and many recipes for it only require a few ingredients to be stirred together.

Barbecue sauce has been around for hundreds of years although its exact origin is unknown. Perhaps Christopher Columbus brought it back from Latin America in the late 1400s, or at least something very similar. South Carolina mustard sauce is similar to BBQ sauce and this can be traced back to 1700s German settlers. Barbecue sauce recipes did not feature in early cookbooks but commercial barbecue sauce began to appear in 1909.

Using BBQ Sauce

Use this sauce as a dip or for basting your meat as it cooks. Some backyard chefs like to use a brush to ‘paint’ a layer of sauce over their ribs or chicken after flipping the meat over.

The flames will caramelize the sauce because of its sugar content. Grilling would char the meat if you were to paint on the sauce too early but barbecuing does not offer such an intense heat so the sauce will caramelize rather than burn.

Try making a barbecue sauce dip by stirring the sauce with some mayonnaise or sour cream. This can be used to dip chips and makes a good snack at a cookout.


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