Summer Drinks to Enjoy at Your BBQ

Having a barbeque means more than simply grilling some sausages and burgers, and it is more than serving barbecued meat or seafood with side dishes. Since most cookouts occur when the weather is warm, it is vitally important to remember the summer drinks.

This means plenty of non-alcoholic refreshments for your guests who want to enjoy the sun without getting heatstroke and have something delicious to wash down their barbecued dinner.

So what kind of summer drinks should be served? Think cool, sweet and perhaps fruity. You can make any quantity, depending how many guests are coming to your barbecue. A pitcher of beverage is no more difficult to make than a few glasses, so you can prepare plenty of thirst-quenching drinks to ensure you do not run out.

Ideas for Refreshing Beverages

Think about using fruit to make something really refreshing. If you have a blender you can make all kinds of amazing smoothies. Milkshakes do not last so long in the sun but are fine if they are drunk immediately. Fruity drinks will last a bit longer, and you can add ice to the blender to make them even colder, so they stay cooler for longer.

Try using summer herbs in your drinks too, such as fresh mint or basil. Mint can be used to make iced mint tea or you can make other beverages with it. Basil goes really well with anything containing tomato. Citrus like lemon, lime, grapefruit and orange are also popular summer drink ingredients because they are refreshing.

Take a look at some of our suggestions and find out how to turn your good barbecue into a great one, by ensuring the drinks are just as delicious as the food. You can make a lot of these summer drinks in advance, to free up your time for making the food. Some pitchers and refrigerator space are a bonus, as is plenty of ice.


Summer Drink Recipes:




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