If you want your next barbeque hamburger recipe to be something special, try this one. There are plenty of hamburger recipes to choose from but this one offers an incredible aroma and flavor. Smoking a burger is possible but you have to take care not to let it dry out because that would ruin the texture. Choose ground beef which is no leaner than 80% because the fat is where the flavor comes from. Never be afraid of the fat, not only because a lot of it drips out anyway but because fat in limited amounts is actually good for you. The body needs fat to perform. Red meat is also healthy if eaten in moderation, because it is full of iron.

Serve the finished burgers in buns and add lettuce, onion, tomato and pickles if desired, as well as some mayonnaise or your favorite hamburger relish or sauce. This is such a great recipe for a summertime cookout and you can complement the burgers with homemade potato salad and perhaps a 3-bean salad or tossed green salad.

The patties themselves are made with ground round, hot sauce, onion soup mix and optional breadcrumbs, and the hickory chips are soaked in a mixture of Worcestershire sauce and water. If you like, you can omit the hot sauce from the patties and even leave out the onion soup mix if you want, perhaps adding some black pepper instead or some garlic powder. Without the onion soup mix this would be a low-sodium hamburger recipe, so leave it out if that is an issue, perhaps adding a pinch of onion powder instead to get a similar onion flavor. Continue reading

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Christine Szalay-Kudra

My name is Christine and I am delighted to welcome you here. Easy Barbeque Recipes aims to demystify the world of barbequing and turn anyone into a brilliant backyard chef regardless of culinary knowledge or past cooking experience. Cooking with fire is not only an easy cooking method but it is the original cooking method. An open fire was used to cook before there were such things as ovens, microwaves or crockpots. Barbequing is not just a cooking method either. It is a social event. Inviting friends over and grilling food for them is always fun and adding home-cooked food to any party is a surefire way to please a crowd. Nothing beats the incredible flavor of flame-grilled food, and you can barbeque all kinds of ingredients and recipes, including meat, poultry, fish, seafood, veggies, and even pizza.


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