Best Vegetable Kabob Recipes

Vegetables often feature on kabobs, whether they are the star of the show in a vegetable kabob recipe, or threaded along with meat or fish to make mixed kabobs. If you want to stick to just the vegetables there are all kinds of amazing recipes you can make. Try marinating the vegetables or adding some fruit to the skewers or brushing a spicy or sweet sauce on them during cooking.

Not only can you use soft vegetables like bell pepper, eggplant and mushrooms, but you can also use denser ones if you par-boil them until nearly tender before threading them on to the skewers with the other vegetables. You might like to choose contrasting colors to make bright, appetizing kabobs.

You can thread all kinds of vegetables on to skewers and produce the most delicious results. Whether to serve the kabobs as an appetizer, side dish or the main dish is up to you, and you can also choose how big the kabobs are. Vegetables are a very healthy ingredient and if you are looking for fresh side dish ideas, barbeque vegetable kabobs might be the perfect option.

Ensure a Perfect Flavor

Although each vegetable has its own distinctive taste, you might like to add even more flavor to your veggie kabobs, and there are various ways to do this. One idea is to use a marinade. Of course you do not need to tenderize the vegetables, but a marinade will add lots of flavor and soak into them. Another idea is to coat the vegetables in oil or melted butter and add ground spices and/or herbs. A marinade can also be brushed on to the veggie kabobs as they cook to seal in the juices and fortify the flavor.

Kabobs are So Easy

You might like to thread whichever vegetables you were going to steam, boil or stir-fry on to skewers and cook them as kabobs instead. One of the advantages is you can rotate them as needed, to ensure even cooking. Flipping 4 mushroom kabobs is certainly easier than flipping 48 individual mushrooms! Whether or not you use a marinade or basting liquid is up to you, but the flavor of vegetable kabobs is always amazing.

Vegetable Kabobs:




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