Mixed Kabobs for Every Occasion

Although meat kabobs, fish kabobs and vegetable kabobs are all great, a lot of them time when we think about skewing ingredients to cook on the barbeque, it is nicer to combine meat, poultry or fish with vegetables to make something offering different colors and textures. If you serve something which features both your choice of protein and some vegetables, this is both appealing and satisfying.

You might want to serve some kind of starch, such as fries, rice, potato salad or pasta, on the side, to make it a complete meal. Sometimes cooking mixed kabobs is easier than cooking your meat and your veggies separately. You will see in some of our recipes the meat needs to be marinated without the veggies or some of the ingredients need to be par-cooked to ensure everything is ready at the same time.

Mixed kabobs can be made in any style, and you can choose from metal or bamboo skewers. Something else you might like to do is marinate them to add extra flavor. These are impressive and delicious, and they suit every occasion.

Lots of Possibilities

Consider all the options you have. Chicken, pork, duck, beef and lamb are just some of the possibilities to choose from, or you might like to use tofu or fish. Next you can choose which vegetables you are going to add. Perhaps you would like to combine different colored ingredients such as red bell pepper with yellow corn, green zucchini and cherry tomatoes. Just imagine how colorful and delicious those kabobs would look.

How to Make and Serve Mixed Kabobs

Making the kabobs is easy, because you just need to pick out whichever recipe looks best or invent your own. Ensure you are going to allow time for any marinating that is required, and if you are using bamboo skewers you will need to soak them in water for half an hour before cooking them to prevent them from catching fire.

The cooking time will depend on the ingredients you have threaded on to the skewers and whether you are cooking over a direct or indirect heat. mixed kabobs can be served with rice, potatoes or any other starch you like, or you can serve them as an appetizer if you prefer. Let them rest for a few minutes when you take them off the barbeque because they will be very hot.

Mixed Kabobs:




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