Kabobs are Wonderful When Grilled

If there is one thing sure to grab the attention of the whole family when it is on the barbeque, that has to be kabobs. These are endlessly versatile. You can make them with meat, fish, veggies or even fruit, and they are usually attractive and colorful. Everyone from the youngest kids to the more senior members of the family will go crazy for kabobs.

Some people like to make vegetarian kabobs and those might feature a meat substitute like tofu, or you can just use veggies. Cheese does not work well on kabobs because it melts all over the place and drips off, making a mess and causing flare-ups, so forget the cheese and just pick out colorful vegetables to give your kabobs an impressive rainbow of color.

Another idea is using meat as your main ingredient, and you can choose from pork, beef, chicken or anything else. Fish also works well when making kabobs. Cooking the ingredients on skewers means you can turn them easily on the grill, which means the ingredients on the skewers will be cooked thoroughly and evenly.

Creative Kabob Ideas

You might want to choose 2 main ingredients, such as pork and red bell pepper for example, and thread these alternately on to skewers, or how about adding more veggies to them. Onion, zucchini and mushrooms are great on kabobs, or you could try chunks of pineapple for some sweetness, or even hard vegetables like potatoes.

If you are using something dense though, it is recommended you par-cook them first, else they will still be part-raw when the other ingredients on the skewers are cooked through. Try marinating your ingredients before making the kabobs to infuse them with flavor, or brushing on your favorite sauce while they cook.

Making Tasty Barbeque Kabobs

Some people like to thread the ingredients alternately on to the skewers while others will have perhaps one skewer of meat, one of baby potatoes, one of mushrooms, and one of bell pepper, for example. The benefit of the second method is you can remove the kabobs in the order they finish cooking, so if the potatoes are still hard but the mushrooms are done, you can take the mushrooms off the barbeque and leave the potatoes on there a while longer.

Grilled Kabobs




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