Tasty and Healthy Barbeque Vegetables

Vegetables are endlessly versatile and can be cook in so many different ways. Many of them can also be enjoyed raw. Vegetables can be a side dish or even a main dish. They are a vegetarian’s best friend and also essential in a carnivore’s diet for their nutritional benefits.

So how do vegetables come out when barbequed? Actually most of them do really well and come out tender, flavorful and juicy. Not all vegetables are suitable for barbecuing and anything which has a very high water content should perhaps be cooked in another way or served raw, but there are still plenty to choose from.

BBQ Vegetable Suggestions

Larger vegetables such as cobs of corn or portabella mushrooms can be placed on the barbecue whole and allowed to cook, then served whole or sliced as you wish. Smaller ones can be threaded on to kabobs or suspended in a wire grill basket so the heat and smoke can get to them without them falling through the grate.

Other vegetables can be wrapped in aluminum foil and sat directly on the coals, which is nice but can mean they end up missing out on the smoke so they will lack that special char-grilled flavor.

Another way of tackling veggies when having a barbeque is to prepare side dishes with them. While your pork, lamb or chicken is slowly flame-cooking to perfection, you could toss some grated carrot with cabbage to make coleslaw, since that is a side dish which is always fabulous with BBQ food.

Add Plenty of Flavor

Some vegetables have enough of their own flavor not to require any seasoning but others might benefit from the addition of herbs or spices. You can serve BBQ corn on the cob with herb butter but barbecued mushrooms might be better if you add some spice before cooking.

As the juices run out of them, the spices penetrate into the flesh of the mushrooms. You could even marinate them for a couple of hours before cooking, for extra-juicy and extra-flavorful results.


Vegetable Recipes:




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