Side Dishes for Your Next Barbeque

You cannot really have a barbeque without side dishes unless you just want to much on char-grilled meat and fish and not have anything to accompany it. When preparing these side dishes you get a choice. You can either flame-grill your side dishes or you can prepare them another way.

Corn on the cob is nice to barbecue, for example, so you might wish to cook this alongside your steak, chicken or pork, or you could try vegetable kabobs or asparagus spears.

If you would prefer to prepare the side dishes independently of the BBQ food then consider making something you can refrigerate until needed. This means you can focus on barbecuing the meat or fish and just get the chilled side dishes out of the refrigerator when everything is ready to serve.

Types of BBQ Side Dishes

Choose from classic barbecue side dishes like coleslaw or potato salad, or something a little more unusual such as eggplant chips or minted cucumber salad. The reason creamy dishes like potato salad are so often served with BBQ food is the way the cool creaminess contrasts with the hot, crispy barbecued meat. They just pair so well, and the same is true of coleslaw. You do not have to serve creamy side dishes though, or even chilled ones.

Side dishes should complement the food and the flavors should not clash, so if you are serving a highly spiced barbeque pork dish you might wish to serve a relatively simple creamy potato salad on the side. If you are serving unseasoned barbecued fish then consider a side dish featuring herbs and/or seasonings.

Do not serve a highly seasoned barbecue dish with a highly seasoned side dish because there is too much competition with clashing flavors each battling to overwhelm the other. If you are having one complex-tasting dish then consider keeping the other dishes simple in comparison for a good flavor harmony.

What to Choose

Choosing your side dishes is not hard and, if in doubt, stick to a couple of basic ones, perhaps making a pot of potato salad and how about a mixed bean salad too? We also have recipes for deviled eggs, traditional coleslaw and more, so take a look and see which makes you lick your lips.


Side Dish Recipes:




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