Why Seafood is So Fantastic on the Barbeque

Although meat is probably the most common ingredient used for barbeques, seafood works just as well when cooked on an open fire. Fish is beautiful cooked BBQ style, and other seafood options include squid, razor clams, mussels, shrimp, lobster and scallops.

Cooking seafood on the barbeque means you can forget the big pots on the stove and the steam that fogs up your kitchen, and instead concentrate on enjoying cooking al fresco. Barbecuing is the way nature intended us to cook, and nothing is more natural than an open fire.

Although cooking over a barbecue does take practice and planning, you cannot beat barbequed seafood for flavor, not can you beat the fun and atmosphere of a cookout.

Different Ways to BBQ Seafood

Whether you are cooking for fish and seafood rustic-style around a campfire or in your backyard with some friends and family along to help you eat it, BBQ seafood is always a special treat.

Try smoking the seafood or barbecuing it over a direct flame. Add a tasty spice rub perhaps, or brush the seafood with your favorite flavored butter. There are plenty of ways to barbecue fish and seafood for outstanding results.

Some Flavorful Fish Ideas to Try

Wrap rich meaty fish like sturgeon or delicate ones like cod in foil and cook them directly on the coals. Marinate shrimp and scallops in flavorful mixtures and thread them on to kabob skewers to cook on the grate above the fish.

Try juicy salmon steaks or even whole lobsters. There are lots of barbecue seafood possibilities if you keep your mind open and are willing to experiment with different recipes.

Just as the smoky flavor of the coals infuses meat and poultry with wonderful flavor, the same is true of seafood. Whether you barbecue your seafood as it as, use a tasty marinade or add some oil or butter, barbequing it will bring out the natural flavor of the seafood and keep it juicy and moist.

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