The beauty of cooking fish is often all about the simplicity of the recipe in question. Take this seared tuna recipe for example. A piece of fresh tuna offers something for all the senses. You can enjoy and appreciate that typical vivid red color, the delicate aroma of the sea, and of course the flavor of the finished fish. Tuna is also incredibly versatile, and you can serve it raw, seared or cooked through, as you prefer, giving it an oriental flavor, trying it in a Mediterranean recipe or, as we have done here, chosen to only use salt and black pepper, as well as a touch of olive oil, so all that natural flavor of the fish shines through, and you can enjoy the tuna in its pure form.

The Beauty of Barbequing

The barbeque is a wonderful invention, and what would summer be without it? Not only can you cook steaks, chicken, burgers, and kabobs on it, but it is also nice for fish, since the fierce heat will char the outside while the inside stays raw and moist (like here, in this tuna recipe), or you can use an indirect heat or just a lower heat, if you wish to cook the fish through, and you will be adding a gentle hint of smoke to the flavor of the fish, and this smoky taste complements every single type of fish, especially tuna.

Complementing the Tuna Taste

One way that people like to prepare tuna is in the Japanese way, and that means adding plenty of wasabi and soy sauce. While tuna has a strong enough flavor to stand up to these bold and vibrant seasonings, it can make a nice change to enjoy the fish prepared more simply. Swap the wasabi and soy sauce for a little salt and black pepper, and you will have a completely new flavor experience to enjoy. Since this recipe is so simple, you can take your pick from all kinds of side dishes and not have to risk potential flavor clashes.

You can get this fish ready for the barbeque in about 2 minutes, because all you need to do is rub oil over it and grind some salt and black pepper over it. Then, as soon as your barbeque is hot enough, you can put the fish on the grate and cook it for a couple minutes. Flip it over and brown the other side too, then remove it from the heat and let it sit for 5 minutes. You can cover it loosely with foil while it is sitting, or else just put it on a warmed plate. The inside of the fish is raw anyway so do not worry about having to keep the fish hot because it does not need to be.

How to Serve the Tuna

The sky is the limit when it comes to side dishes, since the tuna is seasoned so simply and all kinds of side dishes, hot or cold, mild or spicy, creamy or rustic, will suit the flavor of the fish. Consider potato salad or coleslaw if you are in the mood for creamy dishes, or pop some asparagus on the grill, or some mushroom and bell pepper kabobs, and those will cook next to the tuna. You might want to bank the coals on one side though, so you can cook the tuna directly and the vegetables indirectly, else the veggies might char.

Easy Recipe to Barbeque Tuna
Summary: Tuna steaks are coated with olive oil and flavored very simply, with salt and black pepper, before being seared quickly on the barbeque. The resulting dish is juicy and tasty.
Cuisine: American
Recipe type: Entree
Serves: 4
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
  • 4 fresh tuna steaks (about 1 inch thick)
  • Olive oil, as needed
  • Salt and black pepper, to taste
  1. Get the barbeque very hot.
  2. Brush some olive oil over the tuna.
  3. Grind some salt and black pepper over it.
  4. Cook for 2 minutes per side, or until the outside of the fish is browned.
  5. The inside should still be raw.
  6. Let it sit for 5 minutes, then serve.

Photo Description:

Tuna is a lovely type of fish to cook, and if you have some juicy tuna steaks you can make this seared tuna recipe with ease. Simply coat your fish with olive oil, add some salt and black pepper, and wait for your barbeque to get really hot. The fish will only take a couple of minutes to crisp up and brown on one side, and then you can flip it over and do the other side. The result will be succulent tuna which is golden brown on the outside, and raw and juicy in the middle. A mango salsa makes a nice topping, and you can see this in the picture. You can also see how nice the asparagus looks with it.



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