How to Make Barbecue Sauce

Also known as barbeque sauce or BBQ sauce, this delicious condiment can be used for basting, topping, marinating or serving with your choice of meat, poultry, fish or vegetables. This sauce is usually made with tomato paste or vinegar, as well as spices like black pepper and mustard, and sweeteners like molasses or sugar. Liquid smoke might also feature.

The recipes vary widely, which is why we offer you various barbeque sauce recipes to try. Some people like their barbecue sauce very sweet while others prefer a spicy kick or extra-smoky.

Because commercial BBQ sauces tend to contain a lot of sugar and/or chemicals, making your own is preferable. This sauce is very easy to make and many recipes for it only require a few ingredients to be stirred together.

Barbecue sauce has been around for hundreds of years although its exact origin is unknown. Perhaps Christopher Columbus brought it back from Latin America in the late 1400s, or at least something very similar. South Carolina mustard sauce is similar to BBQ sauce and this can be traced back to 1700s German settlers. Barbecue sauce recipes did not feature in early cookbooks but commercial barbecue sauce began to appear in 1909.

Using BBQ Sauce

Use this sauce as a dip or for basting your meat as it cooks. Some backyard chefs like to use a brush to ‘paint’ a layer of sauce over their ribs or chicken after flipping the meat over.

The flames will caramelize the sauce because of its sugar content. Grilling would char the meat if you were to paint on the sauce too early but barbecuing does not offer such an intense heat so the sauce will caramelize rather than burn.

Try making a barbecue sauce dip by stirring the sauce with some mayonnaise or sour cream. This can be used to dip chips and makes a good snack at a cookout.


Barbeque Sauce Recipes:




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