Different Ways to Make Barbeque Pork

Pork is the holy grail of barbequing because if you look back in time to the first ever barbeques, you will find whole pigs slowly cooking on a spit over an open fire, the meat gently cooking and the skin becoming crispy and delicious.

Although cooking whole animals is not usually done these days, unless it is a small one like a chicken or turkey perhaps, various parts of the pig are used to make BBQ delicacies, many of which you will already be familiar with.

Really Good Ribs

Take ribs, for example. Barbecuing ribs makes them really magical. Not only do you get that wonderful smoky flavor from the flames but the slow cooking means the ribs stay moist and succulent. Add the dry heat and the flesh ends up crispy and so tasty. Ribs can be marinated before being char-grilled or you can brush on your favorite sauce.

More Pork BBQ Ideas

Something else that is wonderful to barbecue is pork sausages, or you could try cubed pork threaded on to kabob skewers or even a large piece of pork roast. Pork is an affordable option for the barbeque and it always comes out so well. There are plenty of different recipes you can try no matter which cut of pork you want to use.

Take a look at some of our barbeque pork recipes and decide which ones look best to you, and which ones you absolutely have to try. Perhaps you want to marinate your pork in a barbecue sauce mixture, adding spices and seasonings to balance out the flavor, or could you make your own spice rub for it.

Whether you rely on the smoke from the flames to infuse a barbecue flavor into your pork, you brush on BBQ sauce while it cooks or use some kind of marinade then you can get the most amazing flavor into your meat. If you are choosing what to barbeque, consider pork because it is highly versatile and always comes out juicy and delicious.


Pork Recipes:




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