Great Vegetable Pizza on the Barbeque

Many home cooks have never considered cooking pizza on the barbeque, which is unfortunate because it turns out so well. One of the nicest types to make is vegetable pizza, and there are so many different vegetables to choose from so you never have to make the same recipe twice.

Consider making one of our grilled vegetable pizza recipes or create your own by adding your own flavors and toppings to the mix. Pizza makes a lovely meal and the whole family will love it if you choose to make it on the barbeque, because that smoky flavor you get is just so distinctive and tasty. If you usually cook pizza in the oven or under the broiler, think about using a charcoal grill the next time because the result is similar but with the amazing flavor the barbeque adds.

There are all kinds of vegetables you can use to top your pizza, and zucchini, mushrooms, corn, tomatoes, bell pepper, onion, and artichoke are just a few examples. Vegetables are healthy so why not top your barbeque pizza with plenty, and then you can be assured of eating something nutritious as well as very tasty.

Boosting the Flavor

Add herbs, spices, a drizzle of olive oil or some barbeque sauce to your vegetable topping, and consider which cheese to use. Although cheese is optional most people like to add it to pizza. Mozzarella is delicious, or you could try fontina, feta or even a mixture of cheeses. Some people like to top their pizza with marinated vegetables or add some sliced chili peppers to offer a real kick.

Perfect Vegetable Pizza Results

A lot of vegetables require very little cooking time, examples including tomatoes, mushrooms and onions, so you can expect them to cook in the same amount of time the cheese takes to melt. Pizza will cook to crispy, delicious perfection on the grill and once you have tried this cooking method you might want to experiment with more pizza recipes.

Choose from the pizza toppings you usually have, perhaps tomatoes, onion and mushrooms, or experiment with some new ones like asparagus or eggplant.

Grilled Vegetable Pizza:




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