Seafood on Pizza is Heavenly

If you are in the mood for something new, why not make a seafood pizza on the grill? Choose from crab, lobster, anchovies, mussels, squid, or any other kind of seafood you want to use to bring out the amazing flavors in your pizza. You can use a selection of seafood or just pick one type. Perhaps you would prefer to use fish, and you can use fish filets or smoked fish like smoked salmon for instance.

Make the pizza elegant and go for a gourmet result, or pick something more informal, perhaps some imitation crab and pineapple, for a really mouthwatering result for the whole family to enjoy. Whether or not you have made your own seafood pizza before, you might like to try one of the following recipes because you are sure to love the results.

Choose fresh or thawed seafood, or even canned seafood. Any of these can be used to make a really spectacular ‘fruits of the sea’ pizza. Add some meat too if you wish. Chorizo and shrimp combine beautifully, as do chicken and anchovies. Or else you can just use the seafood and some veggies.

Some Ideas to Whet Your Appetite

Anchovies feature on so many pizza recipes, whether they are added to a meat or seafood based pizza, so you might like to use those. Another idea is using canned seafood, and your options include crab or tuna, as well as other types. If you are using canned or thawed seafood, ensure it is drained very thoroughly. You do not want a soggy pizza base!

The Universal Appeal of Seafood

Seafood can be used to make everything from appetizers to sandwiches, and it is amazing on pizza too, especially if you char-grill the pizza to add a nice smoky taste.

Consider topping the pizza with some fresh lobster or crab if you want to go for a gourmet result. You do not want to make the lobster or crab tough so do not overcook it. Some well-drained tuna is another option, or you might like to chop some skinless, boneless fish filets and use those.

Grilled Seafood Pizza:




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