Meaty Pizzas for Every Palate

When you are really hungry, nothing beats the aroma and flavor of a meat-topped pizza. That crispy base, tangy tomato sauce, melted cheese and seasonings on top work in harmony with whichever kind of meat you prefer to add, and as soon as you sink your teeth through the pizza and take your first bite you will be amazed how much flavor is packed into the pizza.

Choose from a classic chicken and ham topping, barbeque beef, or even something more unusual like lamb or turkey. The meat needs to be precooked before you add it to the pizza, or you can use chopped leftover pieces of meat. Meat goes with any kinds of vegetables, and you can even add seafood to the mix if you want something supremely satisfying.

You might like to marinate the meat first, before assembling the pizza, just to add some extra flavor to the pizza, or you can add a kick with some chopped chilies or even a sprinkling of chili powder. Any of these ideas would work with pretty much any type of meat, so consider your options because the sky is the limit here.

So Much Flavor

Every type of meat has its own distinctive flavor, so you can choose your favorite. You are not limited to chicken, pork or beef either. Consider adding mini meatballs, or how about processed meat like bacon or some kind of smoked ham?

Marinating the meat beforehand is going to add further to the flavor. If you want something light, how about chicken or turkey, or for richer results you might like to have beef, pork and chorizo on there. This is a carnivore’s dream pizza.

The Most Delicious Meat Pizzas

Whichever meats you choose to add to your pizza you can be sure of a wonderful result. Meat and pizza are a perfect combination, and this classic Italian recipe is ideal for any occasion, whether you want to make a simple dish for your family to enjoy or something with a more elegant finish, using the best cuts of meat as well as colorful vegetables like asparagus, red onion, mushrooms, or anything else you fancy.

Grilled Meat Pizza:




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