So Many Tempting Toppings

Ask someone what their favorite pizza toppings are and you will probably hear a list of meats, seafood, vegetables, cheese and more. This is because making pizza is a wonderful way of bringing together a variety of different toppings, even ingredients you might not necessarily choose to combine in another dish. How else could you bring together shrimp and chicken, 6 types of vegetables and 3 kinds of cheese?

It might be hard thinking up another dish where this could work, but choose to make a combo pizza and the sky is the limit when it comes to what you can add to it. Keep things simple by using one kind of meat, poultry or seafood along with your vegetables, or use various kinds to add more depth to the flavor of your combo pizza.

Take a look in the refrigerator and see what you have that needs to be used up. Perhaps you have a few mushrooms to slice, a jar of corn kernels you can take a tablespoon out of, or a couple of kinds of cheese you want to add to the pizza. Do not be afraid to be adventurous and you can create something really incredible.

Everyone Loves Combo Pizza

This type of pizza is great for everyone, from the very young to the most senior person at your cookout. Everybody will love the combination of flavors and textures on such a pizza, and the smoky taste the char-grill offers finishes it off absolutely perfectly. You just cannot go wrong with one of these combo pizza recipes.

Which Toppings to Choose

You can have one main topping, perhaps chicken, and then choose complementing other toppings, perhaps pineapple, ham and onion, or you might prefer to have a cheese-based pizza with 4 kinds of cheese and maybe a vegetable or 2 to balance out the flavors.

As you might imagine, the sky is the limit here. Take a look at some of our grilled combo pizza recipes and you might get some fresh ideas about how to make this wonderful feast. Grilled combo pizza is flavorful, exciting and a surefire winner every time.

Grilled Combo Pizza:




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