Lovely Barbeque Lamb

Lamb might not be the first meat to come to mind when considering the barbeque as a cooking device. In fact, most of us will think of chicken, steak, kabobs, or even fish and shrimp before lamb even comes to mind as a possibility. But consider how exciting it would be to cook lamb on there.

Lamb is naturally higher in fat than many other kinds of meat, which protects it from drying out on the barbeque. You can also use marinades or spice rubs to flavor this meat and make it even tastier, or consider chopping it up for lamb kabobs. Lamb leg steaks, kabobs made with ground lamb, lamb burgers, and lamb shoulder are more possibilities, each of those offering unique flavors and textures.

If you are new to cooking this type of meat, you will be pleasantly surprised when you look through our barbeque lamb recipes and see what kind of delights we have for you! Prepare your lamb with rosemary and garlic, either using a marinade or adding these flavors to the meat before putting it on the barbeque, for a classic taste, or consider oregano and lemon for a Greek flavor, or even soy sauce and pineapple, or BBQ sauce and chili for exciting fusion results.

Lamb is So Unique

Not only is the flavor of lamb something distinctive and something you will recognize immediately, but the texture is also special. Lamb leg steaks will come off the barbeque tender and juicy, while burgers made from ground lamb will be oozing with juices. If you are worried about dried-out meat, turn to lamb, because its natural juiciness means it is pretty much impossible to overcook. Even if it is literally falling off the bone, it will be tender not dry.

Consider cooking a lamb roast on the barbeque and serving it with pita bread and ranch dressing, or making lamb burgers with minced fresh mint leaves, garlic and perhaps some lemon juice. The possibilities are endless and lamb makes a real change from the standard steaks and chicken breasts you usually find on the barbeque. So if you are in the mood for a brand new barbeque idea, it could be time to slam on the lamb!

Barbeque Lamb:



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