Barbeque Chicken in Style

Although there is nothing wrong with throwing a chicken leg or breast on the grill and leaving it to cook, there is so much more you can do with chicken these days, especially if you really want to take advantage of the charcoal grill to keep your chicken moist and juicy and allow the smoke to add incredible flavor.

Try marinating your chicken before you grill it or threading the chicken on to kabob skewers along with chunks of veggies. Something else you might wish to try is using another cut of chicken. If you usually cook chicken breasts, then choose chicken drumsticks instead and barbecue those. If you normally opt for chicken thighs then try barbecuing a whole bird.

Chicken can be ground and made into patties which are good if you want a change from beef, or you can experiment with different rubs and brush-on sauces. Chicken is already one of the most versatile ingredients and it goes with all kinds of flavorings from mild to spicy, sweet to piquant, and fruity to herby.

Chicken is Endlessly Versatile

Because of its adaptability, chicken presents you with a blank canvas. It absorbs the wonderful smokiness of charcoal as well as the flavors of any other ingredients you are using in the recipe, and BBQ chicken has to be one of the most incredible feasts ever. Serve barbeque chicken with side dishes such as grilled corn, coleslaw, potato salad or fries for the most mouthwatering dinner ever.

BBQ Chicken Will Please a Crowd

Something else chicken has in its favor is its affordability. Filet mignon is very nice on the grill but if you are feeding a crowd chicken might be a more viable option.

Barbecuing chicken is not a task you will want to hand over to someone else because it is so easy to do and the results are phenomenal. You will get plenty of praise from delighted diners eating their juicy, succulent flame-grilled chicken, and you will want to bask in that praise yourself. Take a look at some of these barbeque chicken ideas and see which one tempts your inner chef.

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