Bring on the Barbecue Beef

Where is the beef? Look no further because it is right here in our delicious recipe collection of beef and steak barbecue dishes. Beef and smoke have an almost sacred affinity, in that these flavors blend together so well. Whether you are enjoying a char-grilled steak, a slow-smoked marinated slab of flank or skirt steak, some burgers or another type of beef, a barbeque just is not a barbeque without the beef.

Add Fantastic Flavor to Your Meat

The smoky flavor beef takes on when grilled is certainly delicious but this is not the only way to add flavor to your steaks and beef cuts.

If you are using a tough piece of steak like skirt or flank, then soak it in a marinade before you cook it and not only will it be really tender after cooking but it will be more flavorful too. The tougher the meat the longer you can marinate it. An already-tender cut of steak should not be marinated at all because it will turn mushy.

Rubs and Sauces

If you want to make beef kabobs then consider using a tasty rub or your favorite sauce. You can brush sauce on as the kabobs cook, to help keep them juicy. Try barbecuing a chuck roast all day long. When you can tear it apart with a pair of forks it is ready to serve.

Long, slow cooking over smoky coals is the best way to prepare chuck roast, and this affordable cut of meat makes a brilliant dinner for the whole family. While it cooks you will have time to prepare the side dishes.

The Beauty of Burgers

Hamburgers are a real BBQ staple and although these can be cooked on a gas grill or throw into a sauté pan, nothing beats char-grilling if you want the best flavor, and of course that means cooking it over flames to get that unbeatable smoky taste.

Most of us have fond memories of barbecues we went to in the past and perhaps you can still remember how the sausages and burgers smelt on the grill, and how delicious that first bite of the hot meat is. Recreate these special memories by choosing your favorite type of beef and making some magical barbeque beef recipes for your family.

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