Hot dogs and sausages may be cooked over hot coals if you want but since they tend to be quite high in fat it is usually preferable to cook them indirectly if your barbeque has a lid, and that way you can smoke them with woodchips to add even more wonderful flavor. You can make cuts in the sausages to add visual interest, and this also lets you season the sausages too since the seasoning will get in deeper. Hot dogs are the all-American food, and they can be baked, steamed, boiled, or grilled.

Preparing the Barbeque

If you are using a charcoal barbeque, fill the chimney starter and use charcoal lighting fluid to soak the briquettes. When you are ready, light them carefully, and let the lighter fluid burn off. This will take half an hour. The barbeque is ready when the briquettes are glowing and covered with a layer of ash. Put them in the bottom of the barbeque, cover them and let the heat get up. Hardwood charcoal adds a smokier flavor than regular charcoal briquettes, and that goes really well with hot dogs. You do not want the burn the hot dogs so do not have the heat too high. The hot dogs are better at a 90 degree angle to the lines on the grate if you want to get char lines.

Grilled Hot Dog Tips

Because you will be rolling and flipping the hot dogs to get them evenly cooked, leave some space in between them. You can roll them a quarter of a turn every minute or so. The thinner they are, the quicker they will cook. Although they do not take long to cook, it is a good idea to leave them on for longer, so the skin will turn a deeper brown. This looks more appetizing and also brings out the flavor better. When the grill marks are dark brown or black, the hot dogs are done.

Now you can move the coals aside and toast some split, buttered buns. Use tongs to handle the hot dogs because they will be very hot. Serve the hot dogs on the buns along with mustard, raw onions, pickle relish, mayo, chili sauce, cheese, grilled peppers, steak sauce, barbeque sauce, sauerkraut, hot sauce, or anything else you like. Some lettuce and tomato can also work in there if you want a ‘sandwich’ type accent to your hot dog.

This recipe is so simple. You just can’t go wrong cooking hot dogs. Never puncture them while they are cooking though, else the juices will run out and dry them out. You can put them on the barbeque straight from the freezer. Hot dogs can be frozen for up to 3 months. Keep any unopened packages in the refrigerator. Opened ones can be kept in a sealed plastic bag and used within 2 or 3 days. Add any toppings you like, and enjoy hot dogs as a family treat when the weather is good and spending a fun afternoon in the back yard is too tempting an idea not to do. A condiment bar is fun as well, so people can add their own toppings to their hot dogs.

Grilled Hot Dog
Summary: Hog dogs are as American as baseball or apple pie. Barbequing them is how to add a smoky flair to the taste. Serve them in buns with onions and mustard.
Cuisine: American
Recipe type: Entree
Serves: 4
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
  • 4 hot dogs
  • 4 split, buttered hot dog buns
  • Chopped raw onions, mustard, ketchup, mayo, or your favorite toppings, to serve
  1. Heat the barbeque to medium-hot.
  2. Make slashes along the hot dogs for an attractive presentation.
  3. Cook them, turning every minute or so, until the grill marks are well defined.
  4. Large hot dogs will take about 8 minutes to cook.
  5. Toast the buns on the barbeque for 30 seconds or until browned.
  6. Serve the hot dogs on the buns with your preferred toppings and condiments.

Photo Description:

Hot dogs are the all-American treat, and they do very nicely on the barbeque. Served on toasted buns with onions, pickle relish, mayo, mustard, ketchup, or your favorite condiments and toppings, not much will beat a juicy hot dog when the weather is good and you are craving comfort food. You can see how the hot dogs are slashed with a knife in the photo and that stops them from curling up or exploding. Either make slash marks or crisscross marks if you prefer. The hot dogs have extremely hot juices inside when they come off the barbeque, so let them sit for a few minutes before serving, especially if you are making them for kids.



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