Summer Drinks

This refreshing summer drink is so quick and simple to make. You can either serve it as a drink or make the mixture into ice pops. Swap the crushed ice for water if you do not want a slushy type of drink, or even for lemon-lime soda for a change of flavor. Using whole ice cubes rather than crushed ice will give you a colder drink but check your blender can tackle ice before doing this, because the cheaper ones sometimes have problems with it. This recipe serves two but it is easy enough to double or triple if you want to make a batch of this for your next cookout.

All you need to do is add watermelon, ice and perhaps some sugar or sweetener to the blender to make it. For a south of the border twist, try squeezing in a little lime juice (and make sure you add some kind of sugar or sweetener else it will be too tart) and maybe even a splash of tequila, to really get the party started! Watermelon is one of the most refreshing fruits anyway, because of its summery, light flavor, and high water content, but blending it with ice and sugar means you can turn it into a refreshing drink rather than a refreshing snack.

Health Benefits of Watermelon

Although about 92% of a watermelon is simply water, you will also find plenty of nutrients in there including vitamins A, B6 and C, amino acids, antioxidants, lycopene (more than any other fruit or vegetable), and potassium. If the weather is hot, it is important to ensure you get plenty of fluids and also other nutrients, so watermelon makes a great dessert or snack, accompaniment to a meal, or even a drink. It is a versatile ingredient which just about everyone enjoys. Some fruits can go straight on the barbeque, such as bananas, pineapple or mangos, but watermelon is not a great candidate because of its high water content. It would just melt and disappear on the grill, so instead of wasting this precious fruit, make a slushy with it instead, and you can enjoy the wonderful flavor and delicious contrast with whatever you are cooking. Continue reading

Summer is the time we tend to switch over from hot coffee to chilled coffee. We can still get our caffeine fix but in another way. Ice coffee is cool, refreshing and delicious. It is also easy to make. Making ice coffee which reaches is full potential takes time. The quickest way to make it is to brew strong coffee and pour it over ice cubes which are made of frozen coffee, and that takes just a few minutes, but doing it that way tends to yield a more acidic result. Pouring hot coffee over regular ice cubes just waters it down so if you only have regular ice then make the coffee extra-strong to make up for it.

Brewing it cold is an alternative and you will find it taste very different indeed. Hot-brewed coffee is more acidic and tastier, but it is harder to store of course. Cold-brewed coffee loses the low and high notes you get in hot-brewed coffee but the acidity level is lower, and that is what gives it a smoother flavor. You can also keep it in the refrigerator until you are ready to serve it. You might be surprised the following recipe tells you to brew it for 24 to 48 hours, but seriously – just try it! The flavor is so incredibly smooth and you will definitely want to make this again.

What You Will Need

You will need a darker roast coffee for the best result. Brazilian or Sumatran coffee would work perfectly here. Your water should be filtered for the best result. The difference between coffee made with unfiltered water and coffee made with filtered water is clear, so filter it for a better taste. Spices work beautifully in this recipe, although they are optional, so if you prefer not to use them that is fine. If you want to mix the grinds with spices, take your pick from any of your favorites. Cinnamon or nutmeg work well, but ginger is especially fantastic. Coconut is another possibility. Continue reading

Lemonade is a tasty, refreshing summer drink, which you can make yourself easily. There are different recipes for lemonade in different parts of the world. Clear lemonade is lemon juice combined with water and sugar, while cloudy lemonade is made with the pulp of the lemon and usually has less sugar and water than the clear kind. The flavor of cloudy lemonade tends to be sharper than the flavor of the clear kind. You can make it carbonated or uncarbonated, by using still or sparkling water to make it. Slices of lemon make a nice garnish, as do fresh mint leaves.

Other Variations of Lemonade

Although the traditional lemonade recipe is always good, there are other ways to make this classic beverage. Pink lemonade looks and tastes lovely, and this is made by adding some kind of red fruit juice, such as cranberry, strawberry, red grapes, red grapefruit, cherries, or raspberries, to the mixture. Another way to make it is to use Eureka lemons which have pink flesh, although these are very sour so you will need to use more sugar than usual if you choose those. It is thought that Henry E ‘Sanchez’ Allott invented pink lemonade by accidentally dropping in some cinnamon candies, although there is a second theory, that Pete Conklin invented it in 1857 using water dyed pink from the red stockings a horse rider was wearing.

Lime juice can be used instead of you want to make limeade, or you could even use some lemons and some limes. Other fruits can also go into the mixture, such as peach if you want to make peach lemonade. You can also freeze it, and frozen lemonade is especially refreshing. In India and Pakistan, lemonade often contains ginger juice or salt. It might also be flavored with cumin, garlic and saffron. Rosewater is a popular flavoring in South Central Asia and the Middle East, as well as cherry syrup and/or vanilla bean extract. Continue reading

Sweet ice tea is the quintessential summer beverage in many places, and this drink is fun to make because you can get creative with the ingredients, choosing your favorite kind of loose tea or teabags to make it, adding your favorite kind of sweetener, choosing which fruit to add to the mixture, and even selecting some fresh herbs or even edible flowers to decorate your homemade ice tea. Served in large pitchers, ice tea is sure to be a hit with everybody because it is refreshing and really tasty as well. Making sweet ice tea is really easy to make and you can prepare it in just a few minutes.

What Kind of Tea to Use

The following recipe combines black tea with fruit herbal tea and berry-hibiscus tea bags. These are all suggestions and if you prefer to use white or green tea instead of black tea, that is fine. You can also take your pick from any fruit herbal tea bags, perhaps considering apple and cinnamon or an orange and lemon flavor. As for the berry-hibiscus teabags, anything red in color will work, since that will add the lovely reddish hue to your finished ice tea. Have a look in the cupboard and see what teabags you have available, then consider how the flavors would be when combined, and you will be able to choose a nice combination. If you have loose tea, you can use this instead of the teabags.

Adding the Fruit to the Mixture

The first thing to do is steep the tea, and you should give it 10 minutes because of the quantities of teabags and water you are using to make the iced tea. Next, let it cool and then chill it for an hour to ensure it chills fully. Then it is time to add your fruits. Again, you have the option to change what you use, depending what you have available. Peach, raspberries and apple would be good, or you could consider blueberries, plum, pear, or pineapple. Avoid banana pieces because it will turn the tea murky. Continue reading

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