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Fingerling potatoes, for those unfamiliar with them are those very small, somewhat more narrowly shaped potatoes you may occasionally come across in your local grocery or at the farmer’s market. They have flesh which is just slightly firmer and waxier in texture than conventional potatoes and are a great choice for a variety of recipes – and like all other potatoes, they take well to grilling.

These little potatoes are so good off the grill that you might be tempted to only prepare them in this way every time you can get your hands on them. These grilled potatoes are one of the simplest recipes imaginable but are simply incredible and make the perfect side dish for well, anything!

All you need to make this side dish is a pound of fingerling potatoes, and some olive oil, salt and pepper. You do not need to add any herbs or spices, because the flavor is really good already just with the potatoes. This recipe allows you to enjoy the simple rustic flavor of them, and if you are using a charcoal barbeque, you will also get that delicious smoky aroma. The smoky taste complements all kinds of meat, fish, vegetables, and pretty much anything else you cook, but when you are using a nice staple like potatoes, you will find the smoky taste complements them beautifully. Even if you only have a gas or electric grill, do not worry about missing out on too much. You might not have that same smoky taste but you will have the most delicious side dish, and the fingerling potatoes will still boast an incredible flavor. Continue reading

This is a simple eggplant recipe but definitely one of the best recipes for grilled eggplant ever. Like a lot of grilled vegetable recipes, the great thing about this one is its simplicity. The eggplant is grilled to perfection and then served with pine nuts, basil, and goat’s cheese. The balsamic vinegar drizzled over the top adds an air of sophistication to this grilled eggplant recipe. You can use feta cheese instead of goat’s cheese if you like; the textures and tastes are similar.

To make this side dish into an entree, just add some tomatoes and a roasted yellow bell pepper. That would make it into a fantastic dinner for a warm summer evening. Oven-dried tomatoes are a great addition too and they add color as well as extra flavor and a new texture. You can alter the recipe in any way you want or just follow it as it is. Use either regular eggplants or Japanese eggplants for this. Japanese eggplants have a delicate, sweet flavor and a thin skin, so they would be perfect when you are making recipes for grilled eggplant.

This is a very simple dish and some of the best recipes are that way. The flavors and textures contrast yet go together perfectly and nothing else is needed to improve this dish because it is already wonderful as it is. Serve this eggplant salad recipe warm if you like, or chilled if you prefer. It is actually really good if you serve the eggplant warm from the grill so the goat’s cheese gets really soft. The eggplant will not be hot enough to melt the cheese but when it softens it tastes richer. Continue reading

Roasted beetroot might not be the first dish to spring to mind when you are thinking about grilled vegetable recipes but it really does grill well, especially on a charcoal grill. The beetroot in the following recipe is grilled with red onions until soft, with just some olive oil over them. This is to keep them succulent and stop them from drying out. It also works as a marinade because it gives flavor to the vegetables. The rest of the ingredients make a marinade sauce, which is served with the beets and onions.

This is a really nice side dish because it is tasty and unusual and the broth, vinegar, and thyme marinade tastes incredible with the tender onions and beets. Vegetarians will enjoy this as an appetizer, side dish, or entree and carnivores will find it an unusual yet highly flavorful side dish.

Roasted beetroot is rich in both color and flavor and it is not difficult at all to cook. The beets and onions are both cooked with their skins on to hold in all the juices. You will have to wait to peel them when they are cooked because they will be too hot to handle for a while. Continue reading

Rosemary is a fragrant and aromatic herb and it goes nicely with the taste of potatoes. The potatoes in the following recipe are combined with onion and soaked in a rosemary flavored marinade for an hour, before being grilled. This recipe for rosemary new potatoes makes a beautiful side dish or you can make this rosemary potato recipe and eat it the next day cold with salad.

Rosemary roasted potatoes can be baked in the oven but cooking them in aluminum foil packets over the grill keeps everything juicy and succulent. This is one of our nicest easy grilled vegetable recipes and the flavors in the finished dish are amazing.

Potatoes are often served as a side dish because they are filling, tasty and versatile. You can do a lot with them, serving them baked, steamed, grilled or mashed, for example, but the following recipe suggests one of the very best ways to serve these tasty veggies. Choose red-skinned or brown-skinned potatoes, as you prefer. The red-skinned ones are especially attractive, but the choice is yours. Continue reading

If you are cooking for vegetarians, you can use either tofu or paneer to make this delicious stuffed squash recipe. Paneer is a firm Indian cheese. Make sure you use firm tofu because soft tofu will fall to pieces in this recipe. The combination of juicy grilled butternut squash and fragrant Indian biryani is a great one because the flavors go together so nicely.

You might have tried grilled butternut squash recipes before but we are using butternut squash for this grilled squash recipe because the color and flavor both contrast well with the vegetarian biryani recipe. Grilled squash is juicy and delicious but keep an eye on it when it is grilling. Grill marks look good but a burnt layer on top does not.

There are quite a few ingredients in this dish but do not worry about that because the result is so great. The main ingredient is the butternut squash and you can prepare those by discarding the seeds and stringy bits from the inside. The pulp is good to eat. You can eat all of it apart from the skin, but squash is easy enough to scoop out of its skin. Once you have prepared the squash, it is time to prepare the filling which goes inside. Whether or not you have made a biryani recipe before, you will love the rich Indian flavors in this one. Plenty of spices go into this one, including cardamom, cloves, turmeric and cinnamon. Once you can smell the fragrance of these wonderful spices cooking in oil, it is time to add the onion and garlic to the mix. Some ginger is also nice here. Continue reading

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