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Shrimp lend well to marinades it in parts flavor into the otherwise fairly plain tasting shrimp. And one of the easiest ways to impart flavor into seafood is with Old Bay Seasoning it is a quick way to add a familiar taste that has been adding flavor to seafood dishes for a long time. It is a fairly quick and simple recipe I use here but the results are anything but simple.

Now there are different techniques to making beer shrimp many uses a foil pack but I prefer this method as it imparts the grills wonderful smoky flavor into the mix to tie it all together. The marinade is a quick and simple combination and with seafood you do not want to marinate it for long especial if you have citrus in it as the citrus will actual cook the seafood and if you do it to long it will turn the food to mush.

So when we use the marinade in this recipe it is merely to impart some extra flavor and we use the marinade for a reduction sauce. Now if you are a fan of my sauces and marinade site you will know this idea comes with a big word of warning or caution. Whenever using a marinade that has been in contact with raw food you must I say it again must boil it for a minimum of five minutes to kill off any potential bacteria in the marinade that may have contaminated it. As long as you do this the bacteria will all die and you will be left with a perfectly safe to use sauce that goes well with the food as they have the same flavor profile. Continue reading

This is a great pizza for seafood fans, but it does not require as much time to make as you might assume. Some seafood recipes, a lot of them in fact, require you to buy and prepare fresh seafood, which is both expensive and time-consuming, but this recipe uses tuna, imitation crab and any other seafood you want to add, for quick and easy results, and a really tasty end result. You can either use a readymade crust for this recipe or, if you prefer, why not make your own dough or buy the dough and roll it out into your preferred shape and size? Anything goes, but for the quickest result, just use a readymade crust and add your own sauce and toppings for a delicious result which does not take all day to achieve.

Frutti di mare is a type of pizza which often has shrimp, mussels, squid, and similar seafood toppings. In Italy this pizza tends to be cheese-free, but we are cheese lovers here and prefer to add mozzarella. If you want to leave it off though, for a more authentic frutti di mare result, by all means go ahead. Although a white sauce would suit the delicate flavor of the seafood, we are using a tomato sauce here. You can use any brand or type that you like. Cooking this frutti di mare pizza on the barbeque means the smoky aroma will permeate the crust and toppings, adding an undeniably amazing layer of flavor to your homemade pizza which everyone will love. This recipe makes enough for 4 servings.

Tips for Barbequing Seafood

Although beef and chicken are probably the two most barbequed proteins, there is also a place for seafood on the grill. This cooking method is all about using dry heat and that is a perfectly good way of cooking many types of fish and seafood. Fish may be cooked in steaks or filets, or even whole depending on the recipe and type of fish, while seafood can be cooked whole, in pieces threaded on kabobs or on pizza, as well as in more ways. And then if you are working with anything delicate, it is always possible to wrap it in aluminum foil along with some seasonings and cook it in there. Seafood tends to be either lean or delicate (or, in many cases, both) so, just like when working with lean proteins such as chicken or turkey breast, you will need to take care never to overcook it, because overcooked, dried-out seafood is worse than no seafood at all! Continue reading

Although salmon filets are a popular barbeque option, salmon steaks are also very tasty and tend to hold together well when cooked and flipped over. Salmon steaks are widely available. Use fresh ones if possible. If you are using frozen ones then thaw them in the refrigerator overnight and pat them dry with plenty of paper towels. Examine the steaks to check for pin bones. The easiest way to do this is just rub your fingers over the surface of the fish. If you find any pin bones you can use culinary pliers or bone tweezers to remove them. Leave the skin in place. Some people eat the skin while others do not, but it looks attractive on the fish and helps hold it together so it is best not to remove it. This recipe makes 4 servings but feel free to double it if you are feeding a crowd, or halve it if you are just cooking for two and do not want leftovers to enjoy the next day.

This recipe features a tasty homemade barbeque sauce. Although it is not a typical barbeque sauce, at least not the same as the one you usually use, you will find it very flavorful and really good paired with the salmon. The sauce is cooked on the stove to blend the flavors, softening and sweetening the shallots and garlic, and coaxing all the taste out of the other ingredients. The sauce also has honey, hoisin and ketchup for sweetness, fish sauce, rice vinegar, soy sauce, and sesame seeds for Asian flair, and some chili paste to add a spicy touch. You can use sambal oelek (Indonesian chili paste) or another kind. The flavor is well-balanced and you can tweak the sauce, perhaps using less chili in there if you prefer it milder. To toast the sesame seeds, simply cook them in a dry skillet over a moderate heat, tossing often until they are light brown and fragrant. Be careful so they do not burn. This sauce is used to baste the fish while it cooks, to add flavor and lock in the juices, and you can serve the remainder over the salmon.

Tips to Ensure Perfect Results

Make sure your salmon is totally thawed before you begin the recipe, if you are using frozen salmon, and pat off any excess water or liquid on it with paper towels. You can use olive oil, canola oil or another kind of oil in the recipe. Even peanut oil would work, or a vegetable blend. The barbeque should be medium-hot or hot, which means you can only hold your hand a few inches above the flames for a couple of seconds before pulling it away. Either coat the salmon with oil before putting it on the barbeque or use an oil-soaked rag to quickly grease the grates. It is probably easier to just coat the fish though, and of course this will stop it sticking. Serve these delicious salmon steaks with rice or potatoes and perhaps some salad or vegetables too. The salmon should rest for a few minutes after cooking it, and then it can be served. Everyone will love this unusual dish! Continue reading

Tuna is always a favorite for the barbeque. Take the distinctive flavor only tuna offers, add a touch of smoky aroma from the barbeque, and the result is something perfect for a summer meal. As you know, tuna can be dry, especially if overcooked, which is one of the reasons we are using a marinade. Another reason of course is to add more flavor to the fish. We are using a Spanish-inspired marinade here which combines olive oil, lemon and parsley. You can also add some garlic if you wish. A 20-minute marinating time is sufficient. Fish should not be marinated more than half an hour, especially not in an acidic marinade, else it will start to ‘cook’ or at least become mushy, which is not the result you want. Tuna is a firm fish and should stay firm.

This recipe presumes you are using a charcoal grill, but you could also cook it on a gas grill. To do this, cover the grill while the fish cooks. You could also use an electric grill or even a griddle pan on the stovetop, but that will not yield as good results as choosing the char-grill option. Some people like to brush some melted butter or oil over the tuna after flipping it but unless it is looking dry this is not necessary. The short cooking time and marinade will keep it moist. We suggest only cooking it for a few minutes to keep it moist. Tuna should be seared on the outside so it is brown and perhaps a little crispy in places, but the inside should still be pinkish-red and only just warm. That is the most succulent way to cook it anyway although some people prefer to give it a couple extra minutes to cook it more. That is fine, but just bear in mind the longer you cook it beyond this stage the less moist the end result will be. Tuna is perfectly safe to eat medium-rare or rare, so do not worry about that. Just ensure you crisp up the outside because that looks good, gives the fish plenty of flavor and also works to seal the tuna and lock in all those delicious juices which keep it moist and tasty. You might be surprised that tuna is so quick to cook on the barbeque but consider that a bonus. All it takes to cook this tuna is a few minutes, and then you can sink your teeth into this delicious recipe.

How to Serve Barbequed Tuna

Serve the finished tuna with Spanish rice, your favorite rice salad (you can make it ahead of course) or perhaps baked potatoes started in the oven and then finished off on the barbeque alongside the fish. Some sliced tomatoes or another bright-colored seasonal vegetable adds even more appeal to the plate, or you might prefer to serve the tuna steaks in buns with a little remoulade or creamy dressing to make gourmet tuna fish sandwiches. Any of these options are possible and any of our serving ideas would complement the barbequed fish. In the summer, salads are popular side dishes, but if you prefer to serve your fish with something hot on the side you cannot go wrong with corn on the cob or you might even like to prepare some grilled vegetable kabobs. Herb butter would be great melted over the corn, or you could prepare a creamy dressing for the vegetable kabobs, perhaps something that could double up as a sauce for the tuna. Continue reading

Take a look at the history of Mexican cuisine and you will see the ‘barbacoa’ features prominently. Cooking meat, poultry and fish over flames not only finishes it perfectly but also adds that lovely smoky flavor. Whether you love to cook outdoors as often as you can or whether you only do it occasionally, it is worth making the following recipe if you are looking for an alternative to the standard burger, chicken drumstick and steaks that usually end up on the grill. This recipe combines fish with a delicious, complex sauce, and this is authentically Mexican.

We are using cod in this recipe because it goes so well with the sauce, although if you prefer chicken or pork, either of those is also a good match for green mole sauce. Just take your pick or make some of each if you think different people will want different proteins. If cod sounds good to you, then you will need cod steaks – boneless of course. One of the things that makes cod so appealing is its big chunky flakes, but also its distinctive taste. If you want to use another sort of fish, consider snapper, monkfish, tilapia, or even langoustines. Any of these will be nice with the sauce.

What is Mole Sauce?

The word ‘mole’ which is pronounced MOH-lay, is a generic term for Mexican sauces. Mole poblano, a brown sauce, is the kind most often found outside Mexico, although the word refers to all kinds of sauces in Mexico, such as the following green mole. All of these sauces include at least one kind of chili pepper. The dry ingredients are toasted and then blended with the other ones. The finished sauce is then cooked gently and served over meat, fish, poultry, or even vegetables. A lot of the recipes are quite intricate, and some moles have as many as 30 different ingredients, offering a complex but well-rounded flavor. Continue reading

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