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Growing up in New England as many of my regular visitors will realize I have, one thing you know and know well is seafood. What you may not know is that it can be used on pizza to make a distinct pizza combination that will give you a nice change from the normal pepperoni and cheese or whatever combo you are use to. Most people don’t first go to seafood when thinking pizza and another thing many don’t come up with first is making pizza on the grill.

The grill is actually the perfect way to cook pizza it develops nice high dry heat which is ideal for making pizza, and in fact there are grill companies that have specifically developed modifications for normal grills to make them into pizza ovens because it is so perfect in many ways for pizza making. We have been making pizza on the grill for years and let me tell you it is a wonderful change of pace from the normal oven made kind. Now one of the drawbacks to our area is we are limited to the warmer months for doing this not February.

Now you don’t need anything to special to be able to use the grill for pizza a regular grill with a lid will work it might take a bit of setting up but any grill can be made into a pizza oven. I would recommend a stone that is flame resistant as a stone will make the most of the grill for pizza cooking. I am a huge fan of stoneware in general it is so nice at cooking something you cannot quite achieve with any other cooking material. Continue reading

We have all heard of restaurants that feature a surf and turf combination on the menu of some sorts. Usually a steak and seafood combo and these have become very popular in many restaurants. On the other hand most of us have not ventured into the realm of seafood pizza especial ones made on the grill. I have to admit I was reluctant at first to try seafood on a pizza it just seemed wrong like it violate some food law or something so it took quite some doing to cross that line, but once I did I was sold.

Now for those of you who have followed my various blogs for a while you’ll know one of my favorite food groups, lol is bacon the other is pizza (and sugar, sorry). So, to make the move to a land and sea version of a pizza is not much of a stretch for me. I mean what isn’t better with bacon on it? It is among the greatest food enhancers out there it just makes everything better. Don’t believe me add some to salad, or wrap something in it and broil it until the bacon is just crisp. Need I mention eggs and omelets?

In this world there is probably no more perfect food to make all the others better other than bacon and sugar. Now this recipe leaves out the sugar but marries bacon and our favorite seafood shrimp together to bring you a let’s say surf and turf version of the pizza now not to leave the veggie lovers out I also combine in this land and sea marriage nice big chunks of sautéed onions because if bacon makes everything better onions make bacon better they pair wonderfully and if the onion isn’t enough to salience the veggie crowd how about the addition of corn. Corn? Yes corn it is a nice blend to tie this pizza all together. Continue reading

Seafood pizza does not have to be an elaborate concoction with fresh squid, mussels, clams, and the like. It can also be something quick and easy, made with canned tuna and ingredients chosen to complement the tuna flavor. In the following recipe we are using onion, tomatoes, artichoke hearts, provolone and parmesan to go well with the fish, and the result is an excellent pizza in every way. You may swap the provolone for asiago if you prefer that cheese, because either would be good here. You can also introduce corn kernels, well-drained pineapple chunks, sliced button mushrooms green bell pepper strips or anything else you wish to use to top the pizza to really make it your own. The cooking time will be the same.

Canned tuna has many uses. Not only is it a good staple for making the kids’ sandwiches but it also goes nicely in salads, rice dishes, baked pasta recipes and more. Here we are using it to top our pizza but ensure it is well-drained first, else you will end up with a soggy crust and nobody wants that. Actually we are using pita pockets instead of a crust, but more about that in a minute. Whether you are using tuna in oil or water, the same principle applies. Ensure it is well-drained, and the same applies to your artichoke hearts. You want to sieve them until no more moisture will come out, and only then can you top your crust with these ingredients. Give the barbeque time to reach a moderate heat before cooking.

Alternatives to Pizza Crust

Pizza crust is always good, especially when you make your own, but what about those times you really want pizza but you simply do not have time to make a pizza crust from scratch? Fortunately there are other ways to prepare a crust. Try a readymade one from the store which only needs to be spread with sauce, topped and cooked, or use a tortilla (or a couple of them if they are thin) instead. In the following recipe we are using pita pockets as the pizza base. These are thick enough not to get soggy or fall apart, and they offer a nice ‘bready’ flavor and texture. You can use regular pita pockets or, if you can find them, whole wheat Greek pitas for a heartier taste. Regardless of the crust, the toppings are always important, and here you will agree after just one bite the flavors combine very nicely in this seafood pizza recipe. Continue reading

This is a brand new take on pizza, in a recipe where Cajun accents merge with Italian cuisine. You can use any kind of prebaked crust or even make your own dough if you have a recipe you prefer to use. The sauce you use is also your choice. While marinara is a good choice, you might prefer to use tomato concentrate, something creamy or even a light coating of oil with minced garlic in it. As for the rest of the ingredients we are using shrimp and Cajun sausage as the meaty ingredients, then adding green pepper, celery, garlic, thyme and cherry tomatoes for extra flavor and colorful appeal. All these ingredients work beautifully together, adding a magical fusion touch to this pizza. The smoke from the barbeque adds even more flavor.

Meat and seafood often pair on pizza recipes, whether you are combining shrimp with ham, mixed seafood with pepperoni, or even mussels with bacon. When you add a tomato-based sauce and some cheese, the flavors work incredibly. This recipe uses Cajun sausage and there are several types to choose from. If you prefer to use Italian sausage or another kind, just go ahead. Small or medium shrimp are good on this pizza. If you are using canned or cooked shrimp, just add them at the end, just before putting the pizza on the barbeque, rather than sautéing them beforehand because they will not require extra cooking, and the heat from the barbeque will warm them up sufficiently.

A Closer Look at Cajun Cuisine

Feel free to add a pinch of chili powder or even some sliced chilies to this Cajun pizza if you want to dial up the heat a bit. In fact, when people think about Cajun cooking the first thing that comes to mind is often heat, but this is not always the case. When South Louisianans think about this cuisine, instead of thinking about heat, they think about typical Cajun flavors – fresh proteins, well-rounded spices and aromatic herbs being the main ones. Cajun cuisine originally derived from the Arcadian settlers in areas west of New Orleans. They lived off the land since they could not afford expensive ingredients, and many dishes were cooked in one pot using fish, seafood, strong spices, and vegetables. Cajun cuisine has not changed much and is considered the ‘only true ethnic food creation’ in the United States for this reason. Continue reading

Pizza is always great, and there are so many different toppings to choose from, depending on your mood, what you have in the refrigerator and how hungry you are. Although a richly topped ‘Meat Feast’ pizza always make a great comfort food meal if you are in the mood for something heavy and filling, when the summertime rolls around and the weather warms up a bit, many of us start to consider not only alternative toppings but also different cooking methods. In the following recipe we are topping the pizza with seafood, lemon, oregano and cheese, along with colorful bell pepper strips, and then we are cooking it on the barbeque rather than in the oven. This makes such a beautiful meal during the warmer months of the year.

To keep things easy, we are opting for a premade pizza crust here, although feel free to use your own pizza crust recipe if you prefer. Once this is cooked to golden brown on the grill, it is time to flip it over and add your toppings. Get the grill medium-hot before you begin. It does not need to be piping hot but give it chance to warm up before adding the pizza crust. Keep an eye on it because this will cook in just a few minutes. You will be able to see the crust turning golden brown, the cheese melting and the crust turning golden around the edges. Let the pizza sit for a couple of minutes before cutting it into wedges to serve, just so nobody burns their mouth.

Which Seafood to Use

Head to the frozen section of the grocery store and look out for a package of frozen cooked seafood. Ingredients vary depending on the brand, but you should expect to get mussels, shrimp, squid, perhaps some imitation crab, and maybe scallops in there. Give it a good shake then measure out 6 ounces of the seafood into a dish. Let it thaw in the refrigerator overnight then drain the liquid off. You can then top your pizza with it. Frozen cooked seafood is always worth keeping in the freezer. Another use for it is thawing it then tossing it with your favorite salad dressing and serving it on a bed of salad leaves. If you prefer to use cooked fresh seafood, that is also fine. Anything large, such as scallops or large shrimp, are better cut into bite-sized pieces before topping the pizza with them. You could even use just plain shrimp or squid, or just one kind of seafood instead of a mixture. Continue reading

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