Barbeque Lamb

If you want the best recipe for lamb on the barbeque, this is an excellent contender. Lamb chops are marinated in a spicy mixture for an hour and then cooked on the barbeque. The marinade is made by boiling various spices and other ingredients together to make a sauce, so you can expect a delicious flavor. We are using cider vinegar, garlic, curry powder, dried oregano, tomato sauce, ginger, and allspice to make the marinade, and you can also throw in some minced fresh chili pepper or a pinch of dried cayenne pepper if you want it to be spicier. The curry powder already adds some spice to the overall taste. Boiling the marinade first intensifies the flavors in there and makes it nice and thick so it sticks to your lamb chops well.

Use tomato sauce (not ketchup) to make this marinade. Passata (sieved whole tomatoes) or any plain tomato pasta sauce is fine. As for the other ingredients, you can taste the marinade before using it and then decide whether it needs more spice in there, or see whether you can taste every ingredient. Keep the marinade after the lamb has finished in there because you can brush it over the meat on the barbeque to help keep it moist and add more flavor into it. The finished lamb should be juicy and rich-tasting, and it is nice served with creamy potato salad or even mashed or boiled potatoes. White rice would also make a good side dish, and perhaps some kind of green salad.

Cooking Lamb on the Barbeque

There are various cooking methods for lamb. It can be pan-fried, roasted or broiled. It is also excellent when cooked on the barbeque because the smoky aroma will permeate the meat while the dry heat cooks it nicely. If you want to barbeque lamb chops, it is a good idea to use some kind of marinade, like we are doing here, just to help lock in all those wonderful juices. Overcooking it will dry it out, so avoid that. You can use a meat thermometer to see when the meat is done, although about 6 minutes per side is a good estimate if the lamb chops are about an inch thick and the barbeque is medium-hot. When the meat reaches your choice of 145 degrees F for medium-rare or 160 degrees F for medium, you can serve it with your preferred side dishes. Overcooking it will make it dry, so check the temperature if you are not confident using your eyes/fingers alone to check. Continue reading

This unusual recipe makes really mouthwatering burgers. Lamb burgers are always a good alternative to beef or chicken patties, and the higher fat content keeps them really succulent even if you choose to go for a well-done result. Mint is one herb possessing a natural affinity with lamb (oregano is another, and thyme is a third) which is why we are using it to make the creamy dressing served with them. Add cucumber and a pinch of salt to Greek yogurt, along with the mint, and you end up with a really tasty dressing which is simply wonderful with lamb. You can make the dressing ahead and either keep it chilled or at room temperature. If you are making it more than an hour in advance then you should refrigerate it.

Ground lamb is the main ingredient in the burgers, as you might expect, and it is blended with garlic and shallot, as well as a little thyme, to enhance the flavor. This recipe makes 4 patties. Try to get them about three-quarters of an inch thick for the best results. Do this and they will take roughly 10 minutes to cook as long as the barbeque is hot enough. The smoky aroma from the barbeque will permeate into the burgers, adding even more appeal. Cook them until they are 160 degrees F in the center, using an instant-read thermometer to check. Some people prefer their lamb quite rare but we suggest 160 degrees F to make absolutely sure they are safe to eat.

How to Serve Barbequed Lamb Patties

Although you can serve these by themselves if that is what you are in the mood for, they are incredibly good served in pita pockets with our creamy cucumber dressing. An alternative however would be serving them without the dressing or pita bread but instead with a creamy macaroni salad. You might even want to double up on the lamb patties mixture, then keep half of it in the refrigerator. The following day, shape it into round meatballs and pan-fry or oven-bake them until they are cooked through, then serve with salad or vegetables, or even with spaghetti and a tomato-based sauce. The ground lamb mixture will keep for a couple of days in the refrigerator so you do not have to have lamb two days in a row. This is only an idea, of course, but if you find yourself with a lot of ground lamb to use up (perhaps it was on sale) then the suggestion might appeal to you. Continue reading

This unusual dish is really delicious. You will need a leg of lamb to make it, along with apricots, Moroccan seasonings, garlic and onions. The dried apricots wrapped in the lamb are going to soften and swell during cooking for a fabulous result. Although this lamb can also be cooked in the oven, the absolute best way to cook it in on the barbeque because the smoky accent it adds is really special. The resulting lamb will be moist and tender, offering a delicate Moroccan flavor because of the lovely seasonings, plus the charm of the apricots. Leftover lamb is wonderful the following day served cold with a couscous salad.

What is Ras-el-hanout?

Ras-el-hanout is a spice mix from Morocco which you can get from some grocery stores or a Middle Eastern market. If you cannot get it, you can easily make your own by combining ½ teaspoon each of cinnamon, nutmeg and black pepper, 1 teaspoon each of coriander, cardamom, turmeric and ginger, and ¼ teaspoon each of cloves, mace and allspice. ½ teaspoon of saffron can also be added but it is optional. The resulting mixture is aromatic and typically Middle Eastern. It is beautiful with the sweet apricots. Something else you can do with this spice mix is add a pinch to rice or couscous while it is cooking. Serve that as a tasty side dish with any meat or fish you like.

An Optional Sauce

Although the recipe made as written does not feature a sauce, if you do want to prepare a sauce to go with the lamb it is easy enough. The marinade can be boiled briefly to kill any bacteria, then add some plain yogurt, light cream and a pinch of salt. Blend it into a smooth sauce and serve it with the finished lamb. If you do not fancy that, the lamb is moist enough not to really need a sauce, so it is your choice. Continue reading

Lamb chops are easy to cook on the barbeque, and the smoky aroma the barbeque gives really brings out the lamb’s beauty. You can get these chops from the grocery store or farmers’ market. Loin chops, shoulder chops and rib chops are all good, and can all be marinated and cooked on the barbeque. The average cooking time is between 4 and 7 minutes per side, with 5 minutes on each side being a good guideline, but it depends on the thickness of your meat, the heat of your barbeque, and whether you want the lamb rare, well-done, or somewhere in between.

The following recipe makes use of a tasty marinade, which is made with lemon, garlic, mustard, and herbs. You can use fresh or dried herbs, choosing from marjoram, rosemary, mint, oregano, and sage, or you can use a mixture of 2, 3 or all of those options. All those herbs are rich and earthy, and complement lamb perfectly. Give the lamb at least a few hours in this marinade, or else leave it in the refrigerator overnight for a really rich taste. If you are pushed for time, one hour of marinating is better than none.

Because lamb can be fatty, you will need to try your best to avoid flare-ups on the barbeque. Fat from the lamb dripping on to the white hot coals is a recipe for a flare-up, but trim off as much of the fat as you can before marinating the lamb, and when it is on the barbeque keep an eye on it. You might like to have a cooler area of the barbeque, somewhere the coals are not banked up. This depends if your barbeque is big enough for this of course, since 8 lamb chops already take up a fair amount of space. Move the lamb as soon as a flare-up happens. Blackened lamb is not as good as golden brown lamb, so try and avoid burning at all costs. Continue reading

Fajitas are a Tex-Mex dish which combines strips of meat (or in some cases, seafood) with onions and bell peppers, along with typical south of the border condiments like guacamole, salsa and perhaps shredded cheese. Although they are usually made with beef or chicken, or sometimes shrimp, the following recipe makes use of lamb, to offer a brand new flavor experience. Lamb has a delicious flavor and although it is usually more expensive than chicken, it is not too different from the price of steak, so swap your usual beef steak in favor of lamb, and enjoy this tasty treat.

Reasons to Choose Lamb for Fajitas

A lot of people enjoy roasted lamb but have never used it to make fajitas or even considered it as a meat to use in their favorite Tex-Mex dishes instead of the beef or chicken they usually opt for. Get some American lamb leg steaks and you will be able to make this delicious recipe. Lamb is not lean enough to dry out on the barbeque, even if you cook it to well-done, which is yet another reason to choose this tasty type of meat the next time you are in a fajita kind of mood. You can expect tasty and delicious results when making this.

The lamb is marinated first, to infuse it with Tex-Mex flavors. The marinade for the lamb is made with lime, chili, cumin, and herbs. Give it 4 to 6 hours to soak into the lamb, then discard the marinade and let the lamb sit at room temperature for 20 minutes or while the barbeque is heating up. The bell peppers can be cut in half but just leave the green onions whole. If you prefer to use another type of onion that is fine, but just halve or quarter it. You can slice it again after cooking it but too-small pieces would get lost through the grate. Continue reading

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