Barbeque Chicken

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If you have never tried Hawaiian barbequed chicken then this recipe is a bit different but has that distinct tropical feel to it. It features a lovely exotic glaze that we both marinate and then render into a basting sauce to finish it off for a sweet and sticky glazed chicken that has that tropical feel. Barbeque is a big part of Hawaiian cuisine and this recipe brings all the things that make it so special into a simple grilled chicken dish that will have all your friends and family thinking you are some sort of culinary genius.

Now a bit of a quick word about safety as we use the marinade for a basting sauce do follow the directions and make sure you boil it for five minutes to kill of an cross contamination from the raw chicken this goes for anytime you want to use the marinade of anything to also baste the meat. It is perfectly fine if you remember that vital step to kill of any bacteria. Now with that said it is a nice way to keep a consistent flavor profile in the dish by using the marinade this way as long as you heed the word of caution.

Some helpful hints on grilling chicken there are a few tricks that can make your next grilled chicken outing a more pleasant experience. One technique to help do chicken is to bake it until mostly done and then just finish it off on the grill to get that nice smoky flavor. One of the issues most people have with chicken is it needs to cook for a long time and it usually gets burnt in the process. To help avoid this above is one way another is to keep the heat lower and cook it for a longer time (don’t rush it) also boneless chicken cooks quicker then bone in chicken so this can also help avoid issues. Another tip is use indirect heat so the chicken avoids the flare ups that are so common place and tend to lead to blackening the chicken from it catching on fire. Continue reading

If there is something nobody ever gets tired of making and enjoying over the summer, it has to be kabobs. These can be made with any kind of meat, poultry, seafood or vegetables. Some feature alternating pieces of meat and vegetables while others might have fruit chunks. Some are marinated while others are basted during cooking to offer additional flavor. Chicken is a popular protein to choose when preparing kabobs for the barbeque because it can be chopped into chunks which will hold together and it cooks quickly on the grill. It is also an economical choice in the grocery store and always worth grabbing when on sale because you can freeze it. You will need a medium chicken breast cut into 1½ inch chunks for this recipe.

Along with the chicken these kabobs have bell pepper, red onion, peaches and cherry tomatoes. You might like to omit some of these ingredients or make swaps. Whole button mushrooms would work here instead of the cherry tomatoes, or you could swap the peaches for pineapple. We are using a special basting sauce to add a delicious flavor to these mixed chicken kabobs. For this, you can blend your choice of white wine or orange juice with rosemary, apricot preserves, chili pepper, and soy sauce. Again, make it your own by leaving out the chili if you prefer a milder taste, swapping the soy sauce for tamari, or using ginger preserves instead of the apricot kind. Any of these would work just fine.

Cooking on a Spit

These chicken kabobs are cooked on long metal skewers. Did you know cooking on skewers, or the spit, has a long history? A spit is a metal rod stuck through either chunks of meat or a whole animal to cook it slowly over flames. Spits can be horizontal or vertical. Although technically a spit is usually large and thick, cooking on metal skewers uses the same technique. As meat cooks it shrinks a little, thereby getting loose, which is why it is vital to ensure it is firmly fixed to the skewer. Ensure your chicken and vegetables are evenly threaded on to the skewers so the skewer goes through the approximate center of each chunk to hold it in place and promote even cooking. Continue reading

Stuffed chicken always makes an elegant dish, and if you have never made it before you will be delighted when you find out just how simple it is to make stuffed chicken. For this recipe you will need chicken breast halves, along with the ingredients needed to prepare the filling. This recipe is Italian in style and boasts spinach, pine nuts, mozzarella, and basil. To fill the chicken, you will need to cut a pocket into the side, then push it in using your fingers or a spoon. Toothpicks are perfect for holding them closed but a word of advice here – make sure you soak the toothpicks in water for half an hour first, else they might ignite on the barbeque! Use a pair of toothpicks in an X-shape for the best result, to hold the breast fillet closed.

To make the filling, you first need to sauté the onion in some oil and then you can add spinach, basil, mozzarella and pine nuts. Stir them in well and you have your filling all ready to go into the chicken. If you do not sauté the onion first, it will be too crunchy in the finished stuffed chicken. Feel free to omit anything you dislike, such as the pine nuts or basil, or add in anything else you want. Some people might choose to use a little pesto sauce instead of basil, while others might add minced garlic or garlic powder, so take your pick from typical Italian ingredients and throw in anything you want. A little tomato concentrate would also work with the other flavors in the filling.

Important Notes about the Spinach

Although you could use fresh spinach and just wilt it a bit before making the stuffing, it is easier to use thawed spinach. Bear in mind thawed frozen spinach has a lot of water in it, and so does wilted spinach, so whichever kind you go for, ensure it is well drained. Watery spinach in the filling will make it too liquid, and then of course it will drip on to the barbeque coals causing a flare-up and, worst case scenario, burnt chicken! To avoid this, drain it through a sieve and use a wooden spoon to press the spinach against the sieve, forcing more water out. You will be surprised just how much comes out. You can thaw frozen spinach overnight in the refrigerator or in the microwave if it is still frozen when you want to make this recipe. To add an extra element to the stuffed chicken, how about wrapping it in prosciutto before barbequing it? Continue reading

Why would you want to barbeque a whole chicken, instead of pieces, you might be wondering. Actually this is the best way to cook chicken because it cooks more evenly, especially if you want to enjoy breast, thighs, drumsticks and every part of the bird. Butterflying it means removing the backbone and pressing it down flat, so you are cooking the whole chicken in one piece. In the following recipe we are adding oil, salt and black pepper to flavor the chicken and keep it succulent, then basting the bird with some barbeque sauce just before the end of the cooking time to add even more flavor to this wonderful dish. Use any size of chicken you want, as long as it fits on your barbeque. This will make a tasty meal for the whole family.

Butterflying a chicken is really easy and in the following recipe we describe how to do it. If you are buying a chicken from the butcher, simply ask him to butterfly it for you if you like, and that will be quick and easy, and save you some time. Although some butterflied chicken recipes are complicated and feature a lot of ingredients, perhaps a marinade or basting mixture, this one is comparatively basic, using simply oil, salt and pepper on the bird, and adding some barbeque sauce to baste the bird at the end. You can use any kind of barbeque sauce you want, perhaps smoky, hot, mild, fruity, or another version, or you might even have a homemade barbeque sauce recipe you enjoy making and using.

How to Serve Butterflied Chicken

Although cooking chicken like this is a good idea because it is easier to flip a whole chicken than lots of different pieces and you can expect it to be evenly cooked, when serving it you will probably want to cut it into pieces, so people can choose which parts of the chicken they want to eat. When the chicken first comes off the barbeque, just let it rest for 10 minutes before cutting it and serving it. This helps to keep it juicy. It will stay nice and hot. Then you might like to serve it with homemade coleslaw or potato salad, corn on the cob, crusty French bread, 3-bean salad, or broccoli salad. All kinds of side dishes suit this butterflied chicken, so you can take your pick out of all your favorites. If you want to add anything to the recipe, such as hot sauce mixed in the barbeque sauce, some garlic powder, or a spice rub instead of just the salt and pepper, go ahead. Continue reading

This is a lovely recipe for either lunch or dinner, and something that will appeal to the whole family. Everyone knows and loves BLT sandwiches (bacon, lettuce and tomato, of course) and when you add delights such as chicken and avocado to the mix, along with mayonnaise, and a subtle smoky aroma from the barbeque, how can you end up with anything other than a fantastic meal you cannot wait to sink your teeth into? Cooking chicken breasts on the barbeque is something every barbeque aficionado does, but transforming them into this magical sandwich is a stroke of genius, because all the flavors are incredible together, and you will be so glad you chose to make this recipe. This is no ordinary chicken sandwich, because of the BLT appeal, but if you like chicken and you want a sandwich, this is perfect.

A standard BLT sandwich includes bacon, lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise, and bread, and the recipe evolved from pre-1900s tea sandwiches, which were similar to modern club sandwiches. Iceberg lettuce is a good choice because it adds crunch along with a subtle flavor, while beefsteak tomatoes have more flesh and fewer seeds, making those a good option for your sandwich. Choose plain mayonnaise or flavored mayonnaise, such as lemon mayo or even chili mayo if you want to add another flavor accent. Use any kind of bread you want, perhaps sourdough or Vienna bread, toasting it lightly before adding the fillings to prevent sogginess. It is believed the sandwich originated around the turn of the last century, and there was a recipe in the Good Housekeeping Everyday Cookbook in 1903 for it which included a slice of turkey along with the staple ingredients. This sandwich became even more popular after World War II when the ingredients were available all year round. BLT is the second most popular sandwich in the United States after ham sandwiches, and currently the most popular kind of sandwich in the UK.

Making the Perfect BLT

Follow our recipe to the letter if you want, or make any changes you prefer, depending on your own palate and what you prefer. Maybe you do not have any avocado, but this sandwich will be just as delicious without it (well, nearly!) or you might like to use turkey bacon instead of regular bacon, or use your favorite type of bread. Make any tweaks you want to get the perfect flavor and texture. Like most barbequed foods, these are best served hot or warm from the grill, but you might like to do some prep work in advance, such as pounding the chicken and cooking the bacon, or you could even marinate the chicken in lemon juice or vinaigrette for half an hour to give it more flavor. Serve the finished sandwich with fries or potato salad, or consider some other tasty sides such as marinated bell peppers or veggie kabobs. Continue reading

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