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Ok a bit about ground meat now understand I am a food guru not a cardiologist so if you have health concerns listen to your medical professional first not me but if on the other hand you are in good health and love great food for the one reason that really matters (taste!) than listen up to this word about buying ground meat. Buy the 80-85% not 90% or above. Now the Dr. will say 95% or better but that is the quickest way from a mere cooking point of view to kill any good burger recipe it is the fat that gives it juiciness and flavor the other is merely a copout taste wise all be it healthier for you so they say. I am not sold on that but like I said I am a food person not a healthcare provider so I can say that.

Also the spatula is merely a flipping tool not some demented grease press no sense in buying the good meat if you are just going to squish every ounce of flavor out of it you will end up with dry hockey pukes not gourmet burgers which after all if you are going to eat one it should be the best tasting burger you ever had every time. See I am much more of the mind the next day follow it up with a nice salad or spaghetti squash and don’t feel guilty for eating food that taste great and is less healthy just don’t do it every night of the week is my approach. See at just over five feet I cannot lose sight of the bigger picture or I would be a beach ball but I am not willing to lose sight of the fact that food done right is one of the most pleasurable things we can do for ourselves.

The surround sound is nice but give me quality great tasting food every night of the week and for go the other stuff that is merely fleeting in its impact on our quality of life. Now share that great food with people you truly love and it is just the highlight of the day. Think back in time and how many of your favorite moments feature food in one way or another it is the great social equalizer and is something we cannot get away from so we might as well make it super good. One of the things my family does every night is sit down to the table and eat together not in front of a TV (don’t even have one) and share good food and company with each other and share the events of our day with one another. Continue reading

This simple recipe for sirloin steak yields the kind of result you hope for when ordering pepper steak at a steakhouse. The pepper and garlic infuse the meat with flavor, bringing out its lovely meaty taste, and the meat will be really tender and juicy. If you are used to cooking steaks, you might be able to tell when they are done to your liking by how they feel when you press down gently. If you prefer to use a meat thermometer, that is another way to ensure the steak comes out just right.

What Temperature the Steak Should Be

Aim for 120 degrees F for rare, which means a cold, red center, 126 degrees F for medium-rare, which means a warm, red center, or 134 degrees F for medium, which will be a pink center. If you prefer more doneness, 150 degrees F will be medium-well, which means a tiny amount of pink in the center, or even 160 degrees F which means brown the whole way through. We cannot guarantee your meat will be that juicy if you go above medium though, but it is your steak so your choice. Once you take the meat off the barbeque, the temperature will rise about 5 more degrees.

Ensure you are starting off with the best quality steaks you can get, since even the best chef will not be able to make a poor quality steak taste like a great one. It is worth spending a little more to ensure quality meat. After all, steak is not an everyday meal. Sirloin steak, or strip steak, is ideal for this recipe, although feel free to use filet mignon, T-bone, rump steak or another favorite if you prefer. With sirloin steak you get the best of both worlds though, since this steak is a tender choice, plus the fat content ensures it will be juicy and flavorful. Continue reading

Corned beef is likely to bring St Patrick’s Day to mind, although corned beef and cabbage is an Irish-American dish, not an Irish one. In Ireland you would have boiled bacon and cabbage instead. Regardless of the fact corned beef is not usually eaten in Ireland on this holiday there is no doubt it makes a tasty meal. Corned beef is beef brisket which has been salted and seasoned for preservation. Very coarse salt was used long ago to make this type of mean which is where the term ‘corned’ comes from. Corn used to refer to coarse salt in the days before American corn (maize) was known in Europe.

Beef was ‘corned’ with the salt, then before preparing it the salt would have to be removed, and that was often done by boiling it with potatoes because they are good at removing salt. Cabbage would then be boiled in the same water, so the beef and salt flavors would add flavor to the cabbage. In the following recipe the corned beef is barbequed, the reason being it adds a lot more taste, and you will be using a dry heat rather than boiling the meat in water and risking it getting mushy. The texture will be more pleasing.

How to Flavor the Meat

Your purchased corned beef is like to have come with its own spice packet, and you can rub this into the meat before barbequing if you want. If you prefer to make your own, consider a little onion powder, thyme, garlic powder, cayenne, and paprika, combined with a good measure each of black pepper, and cracked coriander seeds. The black pepper and coriander seeds should be the main ingredients in your spice mix, since those are especially good with the flavor of the beef and the other ingredients in the rub are backup flavors which complement those. Continue reading

Absolutely perfect for a special occasion meal, this recipe is a surefire winner. The steaks are prepared very simply and then barbequed. While they are resting after being cooked you can make your Gaelic sauce. Serve the two together, perhaps with a traditional Irish side dish like colcannon or mashed potatoes, and the flavors will literally dance on your tongue. Use sirloin or tenderloin, as you prefer. 8 ounce steaks are good here. The steak is simple to prepare. Just take it out of the refrigerator and add salt and black pepper. You can then just leave it on the countertop to gradually come to room temperature. This will take between 30 and 45 minutes.

Getting the Barbeque Ready

Now it is time to prepare the barbeque and you will want to get it really hot, so have a couple of layers of coals and give the barbeque time to heat up. If you can only hold your hand 2 inches above the grate for 5 seconds before you have to pull it away, the barbeque is hot enough. As well as the steaks, you can cook other dishes on there. Of course, if you want to make a direct and an indirect part that is fine. In that case just pile the coals on one side for the direct heat, and the other side will be cooler, so that is where you can cook your vegetables or maybe some chicken wings or anything else you are cooking. Continue reading

This recipe is for Korean-style short ribs or, as they are also called, ‘flanken-cut ribs’, and this beef strip is cut across the bone from the chuck end of the short ribs. You are probably familiar with American short ribs, or European ones (which are similar) and those include a thick bone-in beef slice. Korean ones are cut lengthwise across the rib bones instead, so you get a thin meat strip of averaging 8 to 10 inches long, and they are lined with about ½ inch of thick rib bones.

More About Short Ribs

Scroll down and look at the picture if you want to see what raw Korean beef short ribs look like. You can now walk into an Asian grocery store, recognize them and grab yourself a package. Because they are thinly sliced, flanken-cut ribs are great for speedy cooking on the barbeque, and that is why we have chosen to feature them here. A lot of recipes will call for the ribs to be marinated and then slow cooked, or oven-roasted and then grilled, but forget about all those recipes and look at this one.

Speedy Cooking

This cut of ribs can be cooked fast, within 10 minutes, making them very attractive indeed. Even if the weather is no good for barbequing, you can cook these in the oven. If you choose to do this, give them 40 minutes at 350 degrees F. The finished recipe goes beautifully with a medium-sweet Riesling which offers honey and peach tones. You can either serve these in whole pieces as an entrée or use kitchen shears to cut them smaller, which would make them ideal for an appetizer or party snack. Continue reading

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