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Ok a bit about ground meat now understand I am a food guru not a cardiologist so if you have health concerns listen to your medical professional first not me but if on the other hand you are in good health and love great food for the one reason that really matters (taste!) than listen up to this word about buying ground meat. Buy the 80-85% not 90% or above. Now the Dr. will say 95% or better but that is the quickest way from a mere cooking point of view to kill any good burger recipe it is the fat that gives it juiciness and flavor the other is merely a copout taste wise all be it healthier for you so they say. I am not sold on that but like I said I am a food person not a healthcare provider so I can say that.

Also the spatula is merely a flipping tool not some demented grease press no sense in buying the good meat if you are just going to squish every ounce of flavor out of it you will end up with dry hockey pukes not gourmet burgers which after all if you are going to eat one it should be the best tasting burger you ever had every time. See I am much more of the mind the next day follow it up with a nice salad or spaghetti squash and don’t feel guilty for eating food that taste great and is less healthy just don’t do it every night of the week is my approach. See at just over five feet I cannot lose sight of the bigger picture or I would be a beach ball but I am not willing to lose sight of the fact that food done right is one of the most pleasurable things we can do for ourselves.

The surround sound is nice but give me quality great tasting food every night of the week and for go the other stuff that is merely fleeting in its impact on our quality of life. Now share that great food with people you truly love and it is just the highlight of the day. Think back in time and how many of your favorite moments feature food in one way or another it is the great social equalizer and is something we cannot get away from so we might as well make it super good. One of the things my family does every night is sit down to the table and eat together not in front of a TV (don’t even have one) and share good food and company with each other and share the events of our day with one another. Continue reading

If you have never tried Hawaiian barbequed chicken then this recipe is a bit different but has that distinct tropical feel to it. It features a lovely exotic glaze that we both marinate and then render into a basting sauce to finish it off for a sweet and sticky glazed chicken that has that tropical feel. Barbeque is a big part of Hawaiian cuisine and this recipe brings all the things that make it so special into a simple grilled chicken dish that will have all your friends and family thinking you are some sort of culinary genius.

Now a bit of a quick word about safety as we use the marinade for a basting sauce do follow the directions and make sure you boil it for five minutes to kill of an cross contamination from the raw chicken this goes for anytime you want to use the marinade of anything to also baste the meat. It is perfectly fine if you remember that vital step to kill of any bacteria. Now with that said it is a nice way to keep a consistent flavor profile in the dish by using the marinade this way as long as you heed the word of caution.

Some helpful hints on grilling chicken there are a few tricks that can make your next grilled chicken outing a more pleasant experience. One technique to help do chicken is to bake it until mostly done and then just finish it off on the grill to get that nice smoky flavor. One of the issues most people have with chicken is it needs to cook for a long time and it usually gets burnt in the process. To help avoid this above is one way another is to keep the heat lower and cook it for a longer time (don’t rush it) also boneless chicken cooks quicker then bone in chicken so this can also help avoid issues. Another tip is use indirect heat so the chicken avoids the flare ups that are so common place and tend to lead to blackening the chicken from it catching on fire. Continue reading

Although I don’t talk about it often or generally make recipes specifically with it in mind my husband has been a diabetic for almost two years and has had some really scary stuff he had to go through due to this. One of the things he had to do is learn his trigger foods and cut these out of his diet which he did. One of the things we have done as a couple is educate ourselves on what option are out there and make adjustments to the way we cook certain things. For example grains are a bad one for him and many diabetic so he simple cut them mostly out we switched the family over to sourdough bread so he still gets some.

Another thing we found was the natural sweetener agave nectar made from the plant they make tequila out of (no alcohol involved here) but it is a wonderful blend and taste wise kind of like honey meets white sugar it is great in almost everything (he hates it in coffee) but he has mainly switched to tea so no issue there. So when I set out to do this coleslaw recipe I wanted to make one he could enjoy with barbeque which we all love and I didn’t want to use sugar of course or mayo as these are not great so I took and came up with the following recipe that use agave and no mayo.

I also purposely kept out the carrots which can sometimes have a bit too much sugar in them so I went with a strait cabbaged based slaw and the dressing is kind of a sweet and sour kind of taste. I used white wine vinegar which has a bit more depth and smoother then some of the other vinegars because what is slaw without the acid part of the dressing. Now a word I am not a nutritionist so if in doubt ask yours before taking my word but I am pretty sure your diabetic friend should be fine with this. It is the perfect dish to serve as a side dish at any barbeque and would be really great with a pulled pork sandwich. Continue reading

Seems to me if I am going to have a site on grilling and more importantly barbequing that means one key ingredient is needed – a sauce of our own. I recently did some research as I wanted to know what people thought was the best sauce and I visited a bunch of place to find varying opinions but one of the things I did see come up quite often was people seem to love Kansas City style barbeque sauce and so I set out to come up with one that did this favorite justice. The result is below and I think it will meld all the things together that we seem to love in a great BBQ sauce. One it has to have an underlying sweetness that is there to balance the other many thing people seem to love in a great BBQ sauce and that is a bold bit of bite or tang to it something that is a mix of both acid and heat.

The following sauce has both these elements in it in what I think is a very nice balance the heat comes to it in a few ways so it is not just one dimensional it has kind of layers of heat if you would from the Hungarian paprika, the English style mustard, the chipotle which also gives it a bit of smokiness, black pepper, and the red pepper flakes. While these all help deliver the heat the sweetness comes in the form of the brown sugar, blackstrap molasses and the ketchup.

So I know when you are looking at this recipe the first thing is oh my gosh look at all that goes into this ingredient wise but all the different things are important to keep the balance and it at first may seem intimidating but it is supper simple to put together really just whisking everything together in the sauce pan and add the bay leave then let it simmer and fill the house with a lovely aroma that will put you in the mood for a cookout. That is probably one of the biggest reasons other then the lack of chemicals to make your own it will fill the whole house with a wonderful barbeque smell before you ever even spark up the grill. Continue reading

As you know as a working mom myself, I love using the crockpot to make great meals and let me write new recipes and run my websites while all the while having guy friendly dishes on the other end. Of all my sites this is the site that probably has the most testosterone and as such I have the perfect test table with five hungry guys from 12 to more mature will say. So if any of my sites better be spot on guy food it is this one and no faking salad here this is guy food at its best.

Now next to grilled anything my guys love hardy side dishes that fill any blanks the meat left behind and what historic dish is a more fitting then good old cowboy beans. I mean you want to talk about guy sized appetites at the end of a hard day’s work what better example than the legendary heroes of the west the cowboys. Now there is good reason why the cowboys ate loads of beans and today that is not much of a reason but the place in our food lure for this dish is cast in many a dusty path.

Although your (well mine at least) have not been out riding and rounding up the heard they still have that one common thing all young men have and that is appetite and a need to have good food to fill it. When setting out to do this recipe I asked myself what things would my guys want in this kind of recipe and first of all beef, second (a bit of mom in them) bacon and then the beans and what makes great cowboy beans but a sweet and spicy sauce that packs as much heat as you are willing to put into them. I tell you right up front adjust to your little cow folks liking. Continue reading

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