Grilling is a popular activity for people everywhere in the United States, and it starts up just as soon as the weather gets warm enough. It has been around for a long time, and it is a fun and versatile way to cook all kinds of food, from delicious burgers and steaks to fresh fish, chicken, tofu and grilled fresh vegetables.

Most people do not know where grilling comes from, however. If you have been wondering who invented the barbecue grill, it is time to take a look. Let us find out more about the history of this great cooking method.

When was the First Invented Barbecue Found

In one way, grilling has been around for a long time. After all, it is simply the process of cooking food on a grate over an open fire, and we have been doing that for centuries. However, the modern ritual of setting up the backyard grill is much newer than that, and it has made easier by a few inventions and technological innovations that did not come along for a while. Popular backyard grilling is really a product of the twentieth century, though people have been cooking over fires for much, much longer.

Who First Invented Charcoal Barbecue

Charcoal grilling really got its first boost with the development of the charcoal briquette. It had been originally invented in the late nineteenth century, but was turned into a profitable product when Henry Ford and E.G. Kingsford realized it was a good use for the scrap wood and sawdust produced by the Ford motor factory. A charcoal manufacturing company was set up nearby, and Kingsford charcoal is still an extremely popular product.

Grilling or barbecue grilling picked up, but was mostly done in flat, brazier shaped grills that were not very efficient. George Stephen is credited with the creation of the hemisphere grill we are so familiar with today. He was a welder for Weber Brothers Metal Works, and created his own grill out of a buoy. He started up the company now known as Weber, which has been producing highly successful charcoal grills ever since.

Who Invented Barbecue Grills Away

The World’s First Outdoor Gas Grill was invented by Walter Koziol of Modern Home Products, Antioch, IL. in 1960. He later changed the company name to Charmglow Products. He also introduced the first cast aluminum rectangular design with a hinged lid in 1964. Today, this design leads the way in the gas grill industry.

Another early contributor to gas grills was William Wepfer and Melton Lancaster, workers for the Arkansas and Louisiana power company. They were asked to find new ways to sell natural gas to customers and redesigned a charcoal grill to work on gas. Modern gas grills also use propane, and is an extremely popular and less mess method of making your favorite meat or grilled vegetables.

Now, grilling remains an incredibly popular pastime, and grills just keep getting more useful. You can choose gas grills with all kinds of different features, or stick with charcoal. However, more and more charcoal grills are being designed for efficient usage. No matter who you are, or how you like to grill, there is something for you. Grilling just keeps getting better and better.

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