It is important to season your new gas grill before cooking on it, and it is best to get it done early, before you need to grill. It is a relatively simple process that will make your grilling experience a whole lot better, but many people do not know how to do it. If you are among them, do not worry. You can learn to get the job done with little fuss or inconvenience. Here is how to season a gas grill.

Step one is getting the grate completely clean. Many people forget this step, and have unpredictable and problematic results. Once the grate is entirely clean, put it back on the grill, and rub it with vegetable or other edible oil.

Once it is coated, heat the grill with the cover closed to a high temperature – about four hundred degrees Fahrenheit is a good choice. You are hoping to bake a solid layer of grease onto the grate. This is a lot like seasoning a cast iron pan.

Once you have reached the desired temperature, turn the grill off, and allow it to become completely cool. This will take a while, but the waiting is worth it, since the oil keeps on baking on as the temperature drops. In the end, it makes for a better coating. Then, repeat the process three or four more times. It is a good idea to bring a book or have something else to do while your grill is cooling off. Eventually, you will get a good, solid oil build up on the grate.

Each time you use your grill, rub a little more oil on, and allow it to bake for a while with the lid closed to produce a nice coating. Food will not stick as heavily to a great that has been well seasoned, and you can still easily clean it.

Just remember not to clean so thoroughly that the baked on oil comes off, or you will need to repeat the process all over again. If the coating becomes sticky at any point, your oil is not properly seasoned, and you will need to heat it again to get that nice, hard coating back.

It is worth the time and effort to season your grill if you want a good grilling experience that involves as little sticking as possible. It is relatively simple and easy, and in the end, you will have a much nicer time cooking outside. Take the time to season your grill and see what a difference it makes in your meats and fresh grilled vegetables.

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