Knowing how to clean gas grill grates is an important part of owning a grill. With proper maintenance, your grill will last you for many years and help you serve up great tasting meats and grilled vegetables. Many people do not know how to clean a gas grill, however.

This is unfortunate, since grills need to be cleaned regularly, just like a stovetop. If more grills were treated gently, they would last a whole lot longer. Each time you use the grill, you are going to have to at least wipe it down.

How to Clean Gas Grill Grates

Grates have to be completely cleaned after each use to keep food from sticking and to prevent smoking or other problems. You will find a lot of products on the market to help you do this, but you can use any good quality brush made from stiff wire. It is best to do it after grilling instead of leaving it to be done before the next session.

Wait until the grill is cool enough to handle, but not completely cold. Brush off remaining food particles then, instead of allowing them to harden and stick. If you are using a cast iron grate, you will need to brush a little oil on after cleaning to prevent rust.

Self-Cleaning Grills

Gas grills have a cleaning setting, which causes many people to mistakenly believe that this is the only method for cleaning. The clean setting burns up substances that have fallen into the grill, but it is not the only thing you should do.

Periodically, you will need to remove the grates and clean off the barrier above the burners, as well as wiping down the sides and lid. This will significantly improve performance and keep your grill in better condition.

How to Clean a Gas Grill for Long Life

Once a year, your gas grill is going to need an even more thorough cleaning. You will need to take it apart, so start by disconnecting the gas. Lift out all parts of the grill one at a time, until you get down to the grill burners.

Inspect your burners to make sure nothing has blocked gas flow. A clogged burner will heat unevenly and produce a bad result. Clean a burner if you can, and replace it if you cannot. Check your briquettes or lava rocks to make sure they are not crusted with baked on food, since that will cause unpleasant tasting smoke.

Once everything is out of the grill, go over it entirely with soapy water. If you see paint peeling or rust happening, you will need to paint the exposed areas once they are dry. Once that is done, put all components back, double check all your connections, then turn the grill on.

Make sure everything works correctly and let the grill heat up all the way. That way, all soapy residues will burn off and there will be none left in your food. Knowing how to clean a gas grill keeps it working longer and lets you have a great time cooking outdoors.

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