Smoker grills are extremely popular, and they produce delicious meat and fish dishes. However, many people do not really know how they work. If you have been feeling curious, here is a look at how a smoker grill really works and the best methods for using one.

A smoker grill comes in one of two basic types. The first one has a firebox that is separate from the grill chamber. The two are connected by an opening. The other type has the smoke production in the same chamber as the meat. Both are functional types of smoker grills, but they require slightly different treatment. Your manual will help you learn how to deal with your particular grill.

In separate chamber smoker grills, wood chips and coals are heated together to create the smoke, which passes through an opening into the other chamber, along with the heat. The first chamber is usually called the smoke box or firebox. This method allows you to add more chips or charcoal without worrying about releasing smoke from the chamber containing the meat.

Single chamber smoker grills have coals placed on the sides of the grilling chamber. Wood is laid on top, and smoke begins to be produced. The meat is placed in the middle of the grilling surface, with no coals beneath it, and the heat and smoke from the wood cook it. Unfortunately, adding more fuel to this kind of smoker grill releases the existing smoke and heat, so you have to plan a little more carefully.

Smokers cook using indirect heat, which is also called barbecuing. Indirect heat is a slower process that’s great for cooking tough cuts of meat or anything similar, but isn’t great for cooking most grilled vegetables.

Be sure to allow plenty of time for your food to cook in a smoker grill. It will take a lot longer than an ordinary gas or charcoal grill. However, it will taste better in the end. It allows the heat to penetrate more deeply and be more thoroughly seasoned by the smoke.

However, the lower heat also requires more maintenance. It is vital for all the food to be cooked at the same temperature. If you are using a single chamber grill, that means you cannot constantly open and close the grill to check your food. You will let out heat and the smoke that is flavoring the meat. Allow it to cook for the full time of the recipe for best results, and go read a book.

Be sure you regularly add more fuel to the fire, though. Allowing your grill to cook properly does not mean ignoring it. You will need to add more hardwood or charcoal if you are going to be smoking for two hours or more.

In two chamber smoker grills, this is simple. In a single chamber smoker, you will need to get your coals started in a chimney before adding them into the grill. That keeps you from needing to leave the lid open while the coals heat. Place them quickly and close the lid fast. Twenty or thirty coals per two hours are a good rate at which to add your coals.

Treat your smoker grill well and follow the instructions and you will end up with some great tasting smoked meat. Consider experimenting with different types of wood to produce different flavors. Smoker grills offer many different possibilities and are a great choice for anyone who loves cooking outside.

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