Grilling is a favorite outdoor activity, whether you’re making hot dogs and hamburgers, eggplant, pizzas, mushrooms, or just about anything else. However, it is important to do it correctly if you want the food to turn out well. If you light your barbecue wrong, you will end up with tough, burnt jerky or falling apart mush, not delicious grilled food. Here is how to start a barbecue correctly. If you start well, your chances of getting a great grill platter are much better.

How to Start a Barbeque

Step one is cleaning off the grill. There are plenty of specialty grill cleaners available, but you can also just use a stainless steel pad to remove burnt on residues. Remember that the fire will not necessarily burn off everything on the grill. Since the grill is outside, there could be a lot of stuff you do not want. In addition, even harmless material will smoke and make the food stick to the grating. Grill cleaning is not an optional step.

Next, make sure you clean your hands using a new towel each time after you handle raw meats. You do not want to re-handle towels that are contaminated, or use them in a way that could make others sick. Set up the serving plate and utensils before you handle the meat to avoid cross contamination.

Now, spread the coals in a ten-inch square at the base of the grill. This is about the right amount for the average family or gathering of friends. For one or two, use fewer coals. For more people, use more. Now, build a pyramid of charcoal, keeping the sides as even as you can. Light the base of the pyramid on each side, and wait till the fire burns down. When the coals begin to get gray on the outside, spread them out a little.

You are ready to begin grilling. Grilling is cooking quickly over direct heat, and it is not quite the same as barbecuing, though they get used interchangeably a lot. Barbecuing uses indirect heat and low temperatures to allow for basting. Do not start barbecuing now – stick to grilling. A hot grate will keep meat and other items from sticking. To make sure the heat is correct, use a meat thermometer to tell you when your dishes are done. It is helpful if you want to get the best results and have a safe cookout.

Learning to light the grill correctly is vital to getting delicious food afterward, not over or undercooked meals with a carbonized outside. Follow these instructions and you are sure to have a successful grilling experience. You will love the great taste and outdoor experience that comes with grilling.

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