If you have been wondering how to start a barbecue or gas grill, you are not alone. Many people are worried about getting it right, since gas is a real safety concern. Anyone asking, “How do I light a gas grill” should take a little time to learn the correct way to do it, so they will get to go right to having fun and making great food. Let us learn the best way to do it.

How do I Light a Gas Grill

Grilling with natural gas or propane is faster, simpler, and a lot more efficient than grilling with charcoal and it still produces delicious results. In addition, modern types feature all kinds of handy things, like matchless ignition, dual burners and easy to reach controls. You can make just about any kind of food on a gas grill, at any point in the year.

If you are thinking about buying a grill, make sure it is one that is handy to use and easy to clean, with fuel tanks that are simple to change. Multiple burners can be a real help, too, as can racks that are simple to move around and use. Some even feature multiple cooking surfaces and split grids to make things even easier.

How do You Light a Barbecue

A new grill will come with instructions on how to light it, and you should follow those over anything you find here. However, if your grill lacks those instructions, or if you are using someone else’s grill, there are still some general steps that work for most models.

How to Start a Barbeque

Start by opening the grill lid, since lighting the burner with the lid closed could cause serious problems. Make sure the control knob is off. Light a match, and insert it into the grill’s lighting hole, usually found at the side or front of the grill box. Now, turn the control knob to high. The burner should be lit in only a few seconds. After that, you can simply adjust the flame to the desired level.

If your grill is one with a spark igniter, things are even easier. Just raise the lid and turn on the igniter. The burner will quickly be lit. If it is not, turn the grill off right away and find out what is wrong. It is possible your igniter may have failed and needs repair.

Remember that after lighting your gas grill, you may still need to preheat it. Anywhere from five minutes to thirty may be required, depending on the type of grill and what you are going to cook. Just remember to follow the manufacturer’s directions on preheating to prevent problems. Once the grill is ready to go, it is time to enjoy a great meal. Just clean your grill thoroughly when you are done, so it will light well in the future.

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