Barbeque Cooking Times

Grilling summer vegetables is a smart idea. It is healthy, easy, and requires a very limited amount of preparation. All you need is an herb flavored oil or a light vinaigrette for a lot of flavor. You can leave some veggies whole, while others ought to be wedged or sliced. Moreover, above all, you need to pay attention to vegetable grilling times. Cook veggies too long, and you will end up with mush in many cases. Not long, enough and they may be tough or chewy. That is why you need to know how to treat each vegetable you are going to cook on the grill.

Summer Squash

Zucchini, yellow squash, and pattypan varieties all grill well, and need only a light oiling. They may also be marinated for as long as an hour before you grill. Barbecue cooking times are short for this kind of vegetable – only five to eight minutes. Cook in slices of a half-inch thick, or in long wedges, large enough not to slip between the grates.


These are a great addition to any grilled fresh vegetable platter, and add a lot of color, especially if you choose interesting heirloom varieties. Some are green, purple, or even striped, in addition to traditional red. Grilling time is variable, but is usually about three to five minutes. When you see grill marks, remove the tomato. Too long, and you will just have a skin full of goo. Cook cherry tomatoes on skewer, and large tomatoes halved and salted.


Trim both ends and cut into slices up to an inch thick. Since eggplant soaks up anything it touches, brush it with oil a little and sprinkle with seasoned salt. Then grill six to nine minutes, until brown outside and tender inside.

Corn on the Cob

Pull husks back and remove silk, then soak cob and husk for twenty to thirty minutes. Remove from water and pull wet husk back to original position, completely covering the kernels. Place on the grill for fifteen to thirty minutes and turn frequently. When you see visible steam, the corn is done. Corn can also be cooked directly on the grating, without the husk. Just watch it closely!


Trim and boil until tender, then cut each in half. Brush with oil, salt, and grill cut side down for a few minutes, until lightly brown.

These are not the only vegetables you can grill. There are lots of others out there, from asparagus to mushrooms to lettuce! Experiment and see what you can do with a grill, some salt and pepper, and fresh vegetables. Cooking time for most veggies will be quite short, so keep an eye on them for best results. A grilled veggie platter is an excellent choice for any outdoor barbecue.

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