Barbeques are the perfect way to spend a warm summer day, whether it is a holiday or just a lazy Sunday afternoon. Across the country, many barbeque enthusiasts plan barbeques for all sorts of events. Birthday parties, wedding receptions, and holidays are just a few of the occasions that you can create lasting memories of when you plan the perfect barbeque party. Although planning the perfect barbeque party is relatively easy, there are a few guidelines that you must follow before you fire up the grill.

After you have made up your guest list, call each one and personally invite them to your barbeque. This not only makes them feel special, you can also avoid any problems with prior commitments. When you contact each guest, and find when they are available you will receive a lot more RSVP’s when you send out the actual invitations. It is important not to take any rejections that you may receive personally. There will be some that just cannot attend.

Plan your party for a time of year that the weather will be agreeable to outdoor activities. Check the weather for the day that you want your barbeque. This is relatively easy by calling your local weather bureau. They can predict weather for a certain area up to a year in advance. If you live in an area where the weather is unstable, then having a back up plan is necessary. You can rent tents or gazebos just in case of a sudden shower. By thinking ahead, you are prepared for anything.

Planning your menu is perhaps the most important part of a barbeque party. You want to have a variety of different meats and side dishes, as well as appetizers. Meats should include burgers and dogs, as well as chicken and pork. Many people are fussy about what they eat, and by having different types of meat will please everyone, even small children. These meats are part of a traditional barbeque.

Side dishes are just as important as the meat menu. Traditional side dishes include chips, dips, vegetable platters, potato and macaroni salads baked beans, and coleslaw. However, if you have a family favorite then adding it may compliment your barbeque party.

As with any barbeque, condiments such as pickles, ketchup, mustard, onions, and relish are very important to the whole barbeque theme. These items are the basics of a barbeque without them; your party may be remembered unfavorably. You may also want to add items that are non traditional, and even ask your guest to suggest a favorite side dish for you to prepare.

If your barbeque party has a theme, such as a birthday, you may want to purchase decoration to place in your yard. This can be perhaps the most fun of all. You will be able to personalize the party and make it more special. Choose items such as table clothes and tiki torches that are generic, and build the party theme around them. This way, you can reuse the items at a later date.

There is a lot of preparation that goes into planning the perfect barbeque party. It is not just waking up on the day of the party and throwing the food on the grill. You need to marinate the meat for at least one day, maybe two. The side dishes can be prepared up to three days in advance, adding the mayonnaise the morning of the party.

The morning of the party should be dedicated to hanging the decorations and setting the tables. This should not take too long, providing you are not too elaborate. Start the grill about an hour before your guests are due to arrive. Once all of this is done, you will be ready to greet your guests as they arrive.

Remember that the effort that you put into planning the perfect barbeque party will reflect in the way your guests react. You can create memories that will last for a lifetime, it is all in the planning.

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