Grilling means, “cooking by direct exposure to radiant heat” and is one of the best ways to cook vegetables. Grilling is usually referred to as “barbecuing” in the UK. You can grill many different vegetables but fresh, organic produce gives superior results. Nothing beats grilling your own homegrown produce! Grilling is a very flexible way of cooking. You can control the heat, use the grill for many types of food, and watch your food as it cooks; to make sure it comes out just right. Grilled vegetables are extremely tasty as well as being appetizingly colorful!

Why Grill Vegetables?

Grilling your vegetables and vegetable dishes means more of the flavor and goodness gets locked in. The vegetable dishes you create will be bursting with nutrients and taste delicious too. Grilling outdoors can be a lot of fun and make a change from being in the kitchen.

You might have your grill undercover in case of inclement weather or, if the weather were good, perhaps your family and friends would enjoy the fruits of your culinary efforts! Grills can be cleaned easily and it is a healthy way to prepare your food. Of course, you could just throw some vegetables on the grill and hope for the best, but it is fun to experiment with herbs and spices or try some grilled vegetable recipes.

What Vegetable Dishes Can Be Grilled?

The sky is really the limit here. If you enjoy being creative, you can produce some high quality, delicious dishes very easily. One example of a delicious vegetable dish is vegetable pizza. Vegetable pizza recipes do vary but usually you cook the vegetables on the grill, prepare the base, and then cook the whole lot together until the cheese is melting and the vegetables are succulent and juicy. One advantage to this recipe is that you can watch the vegetable pizza cook, meaning you will know exactly when it is ready.

Vegetable side dishes are easy to make, even for the relatively inexperienced chef. A vegetable side dish can be something simple, such as corn on the cob or grilled asparagus, or you could make a grilled vegetable medley. When making such a dish, it is a good idea to use fresh herbs if the are available and let it marinate for a couple of hours before cooking, so all the flavors combine. The vegetable medley can be cooked to perfection in less than ten minutes and is a perfect accompaniment to meat or fish or nice even on its own.

Another mouthwatering vegetable side dish recipe is for grilled Portobello mushrooms. You can adapt this recipe and stuff the mushrooms with anything you like. Mushrooms turn out beautifully if you grill them – juicy and rich in taste.

Which Vegetables Grill Well?

Vegetables with high water content do not tend to give good results. This includes cucumber, lettuce, celery, or leafy greens. Onions, mushrooms, bell peppers usually turn out wonderfully, as do asparagus, eggplant and even cabbage. Depending on the recipe, you can either cook the vegetables directly on the grill or wrap them in tinfoil.

For a healthy main or side dish, try out a grilled vegetable recipe. There is plenty of choices and grilling is one of the easiest ways to cook!

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