Grilled vegetables are a great addition to any summer meal, and what vegetable is better for the grill than the potato? Simple, versatile, and capable of being cooked while other foods are also on the grill, this is a really forgiving tuber. There are a number of methods of grilling baked potatoes, all of which turn up delicious sides to the rest of your meal. Let us take a look at grilling potatoes.

Potatoes are incredibly forgiving in cooking. If the potato is underdone, just throw it on the grill again. It will be fine, as long as it is not burnt. Grilling russet potatoes or any other type of potato is simple, and can be done either whole, or in slices.

Baking them whole does usually require wrapping them in foil, individually, with some seasonings and oil. That keeps them from being dry and tasteless, and prevents you from having to watch them and turn them constantly. The oil keeps the potato moist and helps the seasonings permeate it.

When choosing placement, be sure to stick your potatoes somewhere out of the way, so you can get other cooking done. If you are cooking something that requires high heat, try placing the potatoes away from it. Off to the side, or on an upper rack will work quite well. Whole grilled potatoes are done when you can pierce them to the center with a fork without problems, and they usually take between forty-five minutes and an hour to cook, just like in the oven.

So what if you don’t have that long? Grilled potato slices may be the answer. You will need to cut them thin enough to cook quickly, but big and thick enough to stay out of the fire. Wedges are a great way to do this, or you can simply cut slices and put them into packets, just like a while potato. Make grilled potato slices about a quarter of an inch thick.

Remember to keep foil packets fairly small, and get creative with the seasonings. Bacon, herbs, vinegar, oil, other vegetables, and anything that will not burn (skip the cheese) is a good choice. Most packets take twenty to thirty minutes to cook. Check each one before taking it off the grill, but remember that there is hot steam inside, so open carefully.

If your slices or wedges are big enough, you can cook them straight on the grill, either peeled or skin on. Long, thin pieces are best for this. Toss them with a mixture of oil and seasoning, such as a bottled Italian dressing, and put them in a basket or straight on the grill.

Cook until soft and tender – about twenty minutes, and baste them with more dressing or sauce while they cook. Flip wedges from time to time to keep them from burning. You can also speed things up by parboiling before grilling potatoes. These partially cooked potatoes are done a lot faster than raw ones.


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