Grilled vegetables are very popular and there are lots of different vegetables you can grill, including mushrooms, bell peppers, tomatoes, onion, zucchini, eggplant, marrow, corn on the cob and many more. Grilled vegetables make a delicious side dish or a main meal and you can cook them in different ways, such as directly over the heat, threaded on to skewers or in foil packets with seasoning.

Grilled veggies have a special flavor all of their own although cooking them in foil can reduce the nice smoky taste. If you are using small vegetables or sliced ones, you can thread them on to metal skewers or wooden ones which have been soaked in water for at least half an hour, to make mouthwateringly good veggie kabobs.

The Truth about Grilled Vegetables and Health

Since vegetable can be grilled without any fat, such as butter or oil, they can be very healthy choice. When you fry vegetables or bake them, it is normal to add fat but this is not necessary with a lot of grilled vegetable recipes and you can baste them with another liquid or use a low fat marinade instead. You can use a healthy oil, such as olive oil, if you want to drizzle some over your vegetables while they grill. Adding herbs and spices gives more flavor to your barbecued veggies too.

Vegetables are part of a balanced diet and making delicious barbecued veggies means that you can enjoy eating vegetables rather than finding it a chore.

It is not possible to grill all vegetables because those with a high water content such as cucumber, lettuce, celery, and most leafy green vegetables wilt and go floppy and unappetizing on the grill. However, there are a lot of veggies, which grill nicely, so you can use this cooking method to transform all kinds of raw vegetables into hot, tasty grilled vegetable recipes.

Which are the Best Loved Veggies for Grilling?

Vegetable kabobs are very popular and these look nice when you use different colored vegetable combinations, such as onion, mushrooms and red bell pepper or eggplant, cherry tomatoes and zucchini, for example. Asparagus and squash also grill well, making them popular additions to the barbecue.

You can grill corn on the cob if you are having a barbecue because it makes a great accompaniment to meat or fish and baked potatoes. You can also grill baby potatoes by threading them on to a kabob skewer although boiling them first cuts down the grilling time. Big potatoes grill slowly but nicely and you can wrap them in foil to stop the skin from burning while the inside cooks.

One reason why grilled vegetables are so popular is that they are so easy to do. You simply wash and clean the vegetables, put them on the grill and cook them to perfection – that is all there is to making tasty barbecued vegetables!

You can get creative with grilled vegetables and make such recipes as teriyaki vegetable kabobs, marinated summer vegetables, or whole-wheat vegetable pizza with ease. Vegetables take on a wonderful taste and texture when you grill them and grilled vegetables make the perfect accompaniment to your summer barbecue meal.

Adults and kids alike love grilled vegetable recipes and you do not have to make a choice between eating healthy food and eating delicious food because with grilled vegetable recipes you can have both!

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