Grilled vegetables are difficult to get wrong because grilling is such an easy way to cook but there are a few handy tips and tricks you should know about before starting on your grilled vegetable recipes.

Rinse your vegetables first of all to remove any dirt. You can cut them in half or into thick slices, depending which veggies you are using. Make sure they are of consistent thickness and no more than an inch thick at the most.

If you are going to cook whole potatoes, you might want to bake parboil them until they are tender. You do not have to do this but bear in mind they will take a long time to grill otherwise. Remove the silks from corn on the cob but leave the husks on and soak them in water for an hour before cooking.

Marinades and Seasonings

You can marinate your vegetables if you want and most vegetable marinade recipes will be a combination of oil, lemon or limejuice and seasonings. Two parts of olive oil, one part of lemon juice and one peeled, crushed clove of garlic makes a nice vegetable marinade and you can use different herbs such as thyme, marjoram or rosemary.

Light balsamic vinegar salad dressing is beautiful with grilled mushrooms or grilled asparagus. Red wine vinegar, olive oil, and fresh herbs brings out the wonderful flavor of sweet potatoes. You can also be creative with marinades, seasoning, and experiment with flavor combinations.

You can use different oils too, such as sesame or walnut and vinegars such as sherry, red wine or balsamic. You can make your marinade a day ahead and store it covered in the refrigerator. Leave the vegetables marinating for fifteen minutes. If you are not using a marinade, brush the vegetables all over with oil before you cook them so they do not stick to the grill and break in half when you try to turn them over.

Flavored butters like herb butter or chili butter are great with grilled vegetables. To make flavored butter, you just mix soft, unsalted butter with your choice of seasoning.

Vegetable Grilling Methods

Your grill should have a medium or medium hot fire and you can either grill the vegetables directly over the heat, in a suspended wire basket, in foil packets or on kabob skewers. If you are using kabob skewers, use two so when you turn the skewer the vegetables do not spin. If you are using wooden skewers, soak them for an hour in cold water first so they do not catch fire. Metal skewers should be clean and lightly oiled.

If your grill is big enough, you can use a variety of grilling methods, such as veggie kabobs, a hanging grill basket and even cooking some whole or halved veggies too.

Start off with vegetables that take a long time to cook. Peppers and potatoes take longer than moisture-filled vegetables like tomatoes. Turn the vegetables often, adding more marinade or oil as needed. Most veggies cook quickly so never leave them unattended on the grill.

Perhaps the most important grilling vegetable tip is to have fun, whatever recipes you are making. Creating your own oil, vinegar and herb marinades can be enjoyable and savoring the results is better still. Grilled vegetables are healthy and full of nutrients and grilling makes them juicy and bursting with flavor.

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