Once the meat is on the grill, do not keep moving it around. This could cause you to either poke it or tear it. Either one can lead to meat that is dried out and unappetizing. It can also create a greasy mess that will take hours to clean your grill. Repeated spills of juices can actually ruin your grill over time.

Outdoor Grilling Tips

Once you have achieved the right temperature, place the meat on the grill and close the cover. Try to avoid opening the grill too often, as it will change the temperature of the grill and possibly dry out the meat.

A high flame is not necessarily the best way to grill meat. You want to cook it quickly, however using a high flame will only burn your meat and dry it out. You need to take your time and have patients when it comes to grilling meat to insure that it comes out the way you want. This is even more important when it comes to your vegetables on the grill most veggies are relatively delicate and you need to be patient with them and give them the proper time to come out perfect.

Tips on Grilling

You have seen it a million times, the person next-door placing aluminum foil on his or her grill. It saves clean up time, however it is not recommended for grilling as it self defeats the reason for grilling in the first place which is to bring out the full flavor of your vegetables and meat. It is the juices that do drain off onto the hot coals that cause the smoke to come up and infuse with your meats and vegetables that give them their flavor.

While it does make it easier to clean the grill, cooking the foods, this way they end up tasting more fried than grilled, and you can taste it in the end results. This is not what grilling is all about. From start to finish, the grilling experience is great, and this includes the clean up (well maybe not the clean up) but it is part of what contributes to great results each time you grill.

If you choose to use barbeque sauce, do not apply it until minutes before the food comes off the grill. Using barbeque sauce too soon, dries the food out and you risk burning your food this way. This is due to the large amount of sugar that is in all barbeque sauces. Other treatments depending on what their base is are more forgiving one of the must preps for meat is garlic it brings out the best in grilled meat from chicken to steak, to swordfish steaks it gives meat an incredibly sweet taste.

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