Around the world, most people are hoping to find trouble free cooking. Even if you love cooking and eating, you’ll probably admit that making a mess, spilling food, or burning it isn’t high on your list of experiences. While there is no such thing as a truly trouble free meal, of course, there are several things you can due to reduce problems in the cooking process. These tips are mostly suited for beginners to cooking, but if you are experienced, you might find some of them useful as a refresher.

Cooking Tips

Remember that cleaning as you cook will help keep you from having to face a pile of dishes and a splattered stove at the end of the meal. Almost everyone’s least favorite part of cooking is the cleaning up afterwards. If you get a little bit of it done at a time, you will have less to deal with later. Keeping your sink full of hot soapy water means that you can wipe up spills and deal with small dishes as you work instead of waiting till the end of the meal. Say goodbye to sticky messes that harden on stove and countertops.

If you wipe them up as they are made, they will have no time to set. If you transfer the food from your cooking pans to serving dishes, get the pans washed as soon as you can. They will be much easier to clean this way.

If you have a problem with burning your food, take a look at how you use your burners. Do you use only high and low, and none of the settings in between? Preparing food at a medium temperature and cultivating patience will spare you a lot of burned dinners.

Tips on Grilling

When grilling, be sure to preheat. The temperature of your grill can affect the way your food turns out. An overly warm grill will scorch the outsides of vegetables, leaving the inside unheated. In addition, cool, and you will have to wait a long time before your meal is ready. Some will tell you that preheating is a waste of time and fuel, but you will find that the results on a preheated grill are far superior. On most modern grills, fifteen minutes of preheating is sufficient.

If you are making an important meal, do not try new recipes that you have not had a chance to test. Your chances of making a mistake or becoming overly stressed are much higher with a new recipe. Choose comfortable recipes that you are very familiar with instead, and save experimentation for a time when errors will not ruing the occasion. Also, be sure that you have read through your recipe before starting, and make certain you have all the ingredients. This will save you a trip to the store in the middle of cooking.

Safe Food Handeling

Remember to wash hands well and often. That sink of sudsy water will come in handy for washing cutting boards, plates, utensils and other things that have come into contact with meat or other easily contaminated foods. Of course, if you are sticking to vegetables, you will not have to do this as often, but keeping a clean work surface is still helpful.

While these tips are rather basic, they are also easy to overlook. They can really contribute to helping you make a trouble free meal. If you keep an eye on these simple things, you will have fewer problems in the long run.

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