Grilling Tips for Newbie Barbeque Cookout Grillers Part I

Grilling Builds Memories

From the early times of the caveman to the cowboys out west, grilling has been a part of the American heritage. Increasingly Americans are trying their hand at grilling. It is important to remember that practice makes perfect. Each time you barbeque, you will find that you are getting better at it.

The fondest family memories that you can create are the planning of a barbeque. It is important that you include everyone in the planning stages of your barbeque; this includes the menu that you will have. There are many different types of foods for barbeques, and each ethnicity has their own special recipes. It is important that when you are planning a barbeque, that you take into consideration who will be attending and plan your menu accordingly. By having a large selection of food, you will surely please everyone.

Cookout Tips

It is important that you check the weather forecast for the day of your barbeque. Calling your local weather bureau or going online to the Weather Channel can do this. Of course you cannot control the weather, however if you know what could happen, you can better prepare for your barbeque. You can rent either a tent or a portable gazebo, insuring that your barbeque will be a success.

The day of the barbeque will be a bit chaotic, so preparing as much as you can in advance alleviates some of the stress. The side dishes that are traditional to barbeques such as potato and macaroni salad, as well as coleslaw can be prepared as much as three to four days in advance. Do not add the mayonnaise until the day of the barbeque.

The meat that you will grill is equally important. If you choose to marinate the meat or vegetables, give it about twenty-four hours in advance so the marinade can work to its fullest by chemically breaking down the food. This will give the veggies time to absorb the marinade. It is important to let the meat come down to room temperature before you grill it. Following these steps will insure a successful barbeque.

Grilling Tips for Newbie Barbeque Cookout Grillers Part II

Grill Maintenance

Cleaning your grill after a barbeque is very important for sanitary reasons. Leaving grease and food on the grill can cause illness. There are specific items that you need to clean your grill properly. Perhaps the most common item is the brass grill brush. This allows you to scrape off all residues that are on the grill racks.

This works best if the grill is very hot, as it turns all of the particles to ash. Steel wool pads such as SOS pads contain grease-fighting soap that will allow you to clean the grill with ease. As an extra safety precaution, it is a good practice to turn the grill on its highest setting and let it preheat for at least ten minutes to kill any left over bacteria. It is also recommended that you spray your grill with a nonstick spray to insure easy clean up.

If you do not routinely clean your grill, you will get a build up of grease and food. It is not only unhealthy it can be dangerous. If you have too much grease build up, it can cause the grill to flare up and possibly burn your face.

Once you have used the wire brush to remove as much of the food particles as possible, you must remove the racks and use the steel wool pads to remove the rest of the particles. Make sure that you rinse the racks off thoroughly to get rid of any soapy residue.

As tedious as this may sound, this process is crucial every time you use your grill. It is part of the maintenance that is required to keep your grill clean and ready to fire up any time you want to grill.

Proper Grill Safety

Grills are very safe, however if not cleaned properly each time then accidents can happen. More often then not, when there is an accident involving a grill, it is because the grill was not maintained properly on a regular bases. You can prevent this by cleaning your grill each time you use it.

Another way that you can prevent accidents as well as maintaining your grill is to cover it up when you are not using it. Grill covers can be found everywhere, and cost very little. By using one, you are protecting your grill from the elements that can bring unpredictable weather.

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