Grilling Vegetables Tips

Grilled vegetable recipes offers some of our best grilling tips. The complete guide to vegetables on the barbeque grill get outdoor grilling tips from seasoned grillers, and grilling vegetables tips from the site that is dedicated to grilled veggies.

  • Always wash and trim vegetables.
  • Cut vegetables in consistent size pieces to insure vegetables finish grilling at the same time.
  • Harder vegetables like carrots require smaller size pieces, while softer size vegetables like squash and eggplant grill well sliced in half lengthwise.
  • Vegetables grill best on medium heat directly over coals or gas.
  • Grill surface should be CLEAN and lightly coated with oil (using a cloth) to avoid sticking (prior to heating).
  • Brush or drizzle oil on vegetables for added flavor and to help vegetables from sticking.
  • Always soak wooden kabobs / skewers in water for minimum of 15 minutes before spearing vegetables.
  • Vegetables also grill well in heavy duty foil wrapped up tight. This method keeps some of the smoke from barbeque infusing into vegetables.
  • Vegetables should be removed long before they are soft as they will continue cooking once removed from grill. Most vegetables should be grilled a few minutes and turned.

Never leave vegetables unattended unlike meat which can be somewhat forgiving vegetables are very time and heat sensitive. You should take the philosophy when cooking veggies that time is our friend and cook low and slow as a general rule…

If you haven’t yet had the opportunity to chuck some corn on the barbie or delve into a delicious backed potato among just a few to mention you haven’t had veggies yet. With the dry heat and a good clean grill the barbeque locks flavor in and caramelizes the natural sugars in the vegetables to bring out hidden flavors that will get your mouth watering for seconds and thirds.

It would be a good idea to invest into a good vegetable grill or vegetable basket for grilling more delicate and smaller veggies and vegetable pieces. Another place worth putting a little grilling money is into some bamboo skewers for making vegetable kabobs these make an excellent way of getting veggies on the grill. Today vegetable grilling is becoming part of the norm not just an occasional fade of a few fringe grillers.

Most of all stay safe have a fire extinguisher on hand and keep all flammables away from the grill and make sure you don’t wear any lose fitting clothing that could catch on fire. Also remember hair is flammable and down right painful when on fire you can avoid this simply by tying it back or better yet tie it up, who knows you just might make a fashion statement in the process.

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