History of grilling rubs in cooking and in the preparation of grilled vegetables in particular.

The History of Grilling Rubs can be traced back over thousands of years to as early as 5000 B.C., the rubs have not only been used to flavor meats and vegetables but for medicinal uses as well. By using rubs, you can cause your food to have a better flavor and be healthier for you as well.

Some even refer to Rubs as Spice Rubs, in which spices are rubbed into vegetables and meat as well. Most of the Spices used are course ground for maximum flavoring and tenderizing of the food. Rubs can have anything from pepper to sugar and salt in their mixes.

Where rubs come from and their roots, how different cultures use them, and what marks a great rub?

Rubs around the World

The Rub for each country is different form the next, yet the process and use still remain the same. Rubs have been and will always be influenced by the local culture and cuisine. Take the countries known for their spicy flavoring will use spices that create more heat in the food, while other ones will focus more on a particular flavor.

When Rubs started to be used in the preparation of vegetables? How the rubbing process has changed through time. How long ago rubs started to be used on vegetables is unknown.

When looking at the time Rubs were used on vegetables you have to look to the same time when Rubs were invented. Even then, vegetables cooked on open flames or the grilling methods were seasoned to add more flavoring. The Rubbing process may have been changed some throughout history, yet the basics are still the same. You Rub the Spices into the Food no matter whether the Rub is wet or dry.

Rubs Today

Many chefs today and throughout time have kept their recipes a secret, while others openly share and pass on the recipes. Competitive Grilling Chefs are notorious for keeping their secrets locked up tight. Many look at rubbing the Spices into the foods as a way to add their own touch to recipes passed down from one generation to the next.

Rubs have changed throughout time as many other things have, where once you would have had the Recipe for Rubs passed down from generation to generation. You will find that recipes change through time as each generation adds or takes away from the original so as to fit their own preferences. Today you can go to the local grocery and see a variety of rubs available to accommodate our loss of time due to the hustle and bustle of today’s time.

Where the Ingredients for Rubs Come From?

Grilling rubs as many other things are influenced by and often focus on the culture surrounding them each taking on its own personality and reflecting their creator’s origins. The various spices and foods available to their actual history can cause this.

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