Believe it or not, there is no great science to barbeque cooking. In fact, it is easy enough that almost anyone can cook outside with results that are wonderful. However, the most important thing you will need for any barbeque is a good barbeque sauce.

If you want to be successful at outdoor cooking, you will need a good barbeque sauce. While not every single barbeque cook uses a sauce in his or her outdoor cooking, you should always have a BBQ sauce that can be used for dipping as well. There are some cooks that will use a barbeque rub, but a sauce should still be present.

There is a variety of different sauces that you can make and there are many ways to make these barbeque sauces. However, there are a few types of barbeque sauces that are the most popular. There are several different classes of barbeque sauce and one base ingredient is used in every class to give it the special distinction.

Usually the different classes of barbeque sauces that are used are actually regional in popularity. You tend to see different barbeque sauces in various regions around America.

Here you will find some of the larger regions and classes of barbecue sauces that you can found. You will also find the sauces’ base ingredient and the type of meat that is usually used for the barbeque of that particular region of the United States.

Sauce #1 – Memphis Barbecue Sauce

While this sauce is not overly sweet or spicy, the Memphis barbecue sauce has vinegar and tomatoes as the main ingredients. This sauce is fairly thin and ribs are usually the barbeque meat of choice.

Sauce #2 – Texas Barbeque Sauce

Another type of barbeque sauce is Texas Barbecue sauce and the base ingredient of this sauce is ketchup. It is a bit spicy and sweet, and usually the main type of meet that is used is beef.

Sauce #3 – Alabama Barbecue Sauce

When it comes to Alabama barbecue sauce, this one is a bit unique. The base ingredient that is used for this sauce is mayonnaise. Usually it is used on pork, turkey, and chicken.

Sauce #4 – Carolina Barbecue Sauce

Believe it or not, in the Carolinas, there are three different types of barbecue sauces that you can find. Usually either pork butt or shoulder is used for these types of barbecue.

  • South Carolina – In South Carolina you will find a barbecue sauce that is quite thick and the base ingredient that is used is mustard.
  • Western North Carolina – In Western North Carolina you will find a red sauce that is thick and sweet. It is made up of tomato sauce and ketchup.
  • Eastern North Carolina – This barbecue sauce is made up of a lot of vinegar.

Sauce #5 – Kansas City Barbecue Sauce

If you go to Kansas City, you will find that the barbecue sauce is red and thick. It is used for a variety of different meats, and a lot of the sauce is used at once. The most common types of beef used for barbecues are beef and pork in this area.

Of course, these are not the only types of barbecue sauces that are used. There are many different versions of barbecue sauces that you can find in various regions in America. If you are going to barbecue, make sure that you pick out a sauce that fits your specific taste. Try taking a good base ingredient and adding a variety of different ingredients to come up with your own special sauce.

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